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Puff, puff, pass your exams at new Columbus cannabis school

Puff, puff, pass your exams at new Columbus cannabis school

Mike Thomas

For anyone who was ever told weed and school don’t mix, here’s a chance to blow a big cloud of “I told you so” in the face of all those naysayers.

The Cleveland School of Cannabis, the first State-approved career school in Ohio focused solely on cannabis, delivered a very new, very green educational facility to 3700 Corporate Drive in Columbus.

Established in 2017, CSC’s educational programs are designed by industry experts to give Ohio residents the skills necessary to gain employment in Ohio’s budding medical cannabis industry.


Unlike similar pop-up programs, CSC exists as a standing, permanent campus approved by the Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools. Classes are offered in-person and online across three programs: horticulture, cannabis dispensaries, and medical application of cannabis.

“Employers can be confident that when they hire CSC alumni, they are getting individuals who are well equipped to represent their company with dignity, expertise, and professionalism,” representatives from the school said in a prepared statement.

The school also features tuition assistance and grants for students who qualify.

For more information on available programs and enrollment, visit Cleveland School of Cannabis at


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