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Report a pothole, save a rim: Guide to improving your roads

Report a pothole, save a rim: Guide to improving your roads

614now Staff

A big thaw after a deep freeze usually means bottoming out your car about once every 3 minutes. The freezing and thawing cycle weakens the pavement, thus creating our favorite qualm of driving: Potholes. 

You swerve left to avoid a pothole, boom—another pothole. You swerve to miss a gaping crater in the concrete on your left, boom—didn’t see that other gaping crater on your right. Your rims are bent, the undercarriage of your car is screaming for sweet relief, and your nerves could use a break from the constant shock of hard impact. 

We’re here to make it all better. 


The City of Columbus and Ohio Department of Transportation are working tirelessly to repair the surfaces of central Ohio roadways. But, they can’t help improve the smoothness of your commute unless you alert them of the issue. 

To report a pothole on a residential street or parts of State routes 315, 33 and 104 maintained by the City of Columbus, follow the steps below: 

  1. Visit the City of Columbus public service request page and read through the information
  2. Request a repair by calling Office : (614) 645-3111, faxing (614) 645-7805, or emailing [email protected]

ODOT maintains Interstates, US Routes, and State Routes (except US Routes, and State Routes inside city limits) including Interstates I-270, I-70 and I-670. To report a pothole or other damage on one of these roadways, follow the steps below: 

  1. Visit ODOT’s “Report a Roadway Defect or Damage Incident and Court Of Claims Information” page
  2. Complete the questionnaire to specify where the repair needs done

Potholes are typically patched within three days of a service request, so relax a bit and let your Prius know it’s all going to be okay.


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