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Bexley Giant Eagle jumps on plastic bag-less bandwagon

Bexley Giant Eagle jumps on plastic bag-less bandwagon

Mike Thomas

First, the city of Bexley passed an ordinance banning single-use plastic bags in retail stores. Then, the Ohio House passed its own measure forbidding bans on the use of plastic bags. Now, supermarket chain Giant Eagle is taking the matter into its own hands (talons?).

According to a report from NBC4i, Giant Eagle wants to remove all single-use plastics from its stores by 2025, including, straws, single-serve food containers, bottled beverages, and yes, the ever-contentious plastic shopping bags.


The move to eliminate single-use plastics will begin with a pilot program launching in January that will include stores in Bexley, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland.

To encourage customers to switch to reusable bags, the retailer will offer a “one perk per reusable bag” promotion for a limited time. Reusable bags will be available for purchase for 99 cents, and paper bags will cost 10 cents apiece.

This move follows Kroger’s announcement of a similar effort to phase out single-use plastic bags from its stores.

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