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Update: Dateline picks up case of missing Easton man




About a month and a half has gone by since 29-year-old husband and father Tyler Davis went missing from the Easton Town Center area.

Dateline NBC caught up with Tyler’s wife, Brittany, to recount the day her birthday turned into her worst nightmare.

For Brittany’s birthday on February 24, Tyler planned a getaway to Easton Town Center where they had a hotel and couple’s massage booked. This was going to be one of three yearly occasions (Brittany’s birthday, Tyler’s birthday, and their anniversary) the two dedicate to spending time alone

On February 23, Tyler and Brittany left their Wilmington, OH home to drop their son off at Tyler’s parents before heading to the Hilton hotel. Brittany told Dateline they checked in at about 5pm.

A close friend of the couple who was not identified by name in the article came by the Hilton to hang out. By around 8:30pm, the three ventured out of the hotel for dinner.

Following the meal, Brittany, Tyler, and their friend walked around Easton to get a lay of the land to inform their shopping excursion planned for the next day. Brittany told Dateline nothing out of the ordinary happened that evening.

Around 3am, the group was tired and called an Uber to take them back to the hotel. This is when the night took a turn.

Brittany told Dateline that when they were getting out of the vehicle, Tyler seemed “confused and frustrated.” He was going to go on a walk. Brittany offered to join her husband, but she needed to charge her phone. Instead, their friend went with Tyler.

And so, Brittany returned to the room to plug in her phone. After sufficient charge, Brittany went back outside, but couldn’t find Tyler or their friend. At around 3:30am, Tyler called her and said he’d be right back.


A few minutes later, their friend returned to the hotel alone. He reaffirmed Brittany that Tyler would be back soon. Brittany called Tyler multiple times but he didn’t answer.

The friend had seen Tyler on the walk, but Brittany was unsure why or when the two separated, reports Dateline.

About an hour after Tyler left for the walk, around 4:10am, he called Brittany. He said he was “walking through the woods” and that he could “see the hotel.” Brittany said he sounded “so confused,” and that since he wasn’t an outdoorsy person, “woods” to him could mean “two trees right beside each other.”

Seconds later, Tyler called again. When Brittany picked up, the line was open for about four seconds, then the phone hung up. She called back but his phone was off. It’s been off ever since.

At around 4:30am, their friend, who lives about 10 minutes from the hotel, decided to go home. Concerned Brittany began calling friends to ask for advice about what to do. Everyone assured her that there was nothing to be worried about and that Tyler would walk through the door at any moment.

But, as the sun began to rise, Tyler was still nowhere to be found.

Brittany then called an old roommate who lives in Columbus. He came to the hotel around 8am and the two of them drove around Easton together looking for Tyler. Brittany thought maybe he could have fallen asleep on a bench somewhere.

The search was fruitless.

She then called Tyler’s parents and then the Columbus Police Department around 10:30am.

Brittany, Tyler’s father, and authorities combed the area, but there was no trace of Tyler. Security footage is currently being reviewed.

Tyler Davis is described as being 5’10” tall and weighing 170 lbs. with brown hair, brown eyes, and a birthmark on his right arm. He was last seen wearing a blue and green flannel shirt with blue jeans and black and white Nike shoes.

If you have any information surrounding Tyler’s disappearance, please call the Columbus Police Department at 614-645-4545.

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Posted by Brittany Davis on Friday, April 5, 2019
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Columbus-Pittsburgh Corridor is only 47 miles away from completion




The Columbus-Pittsburgh Corridor Association (CPCA) took to Washington, D.C. recently, seeking federal funding to finish what has been started.

For those unacquainted, the CPCA is a 160-mile four-lane highway that would connect Columbus to Pittsburgh. The project intends to provide a freight commerce corridor while also boosting tourism and supporting growing businesses in the area.

The corridor starts at I-270/SR 161 on the northeast side of Columbus, follows SR 161/SR 16 through New Albany and Newark to Coshocton, continues on US 36 from Coshocton to Dennison, along US 250 to US 22 at Cadiz, and continues along US 22 to Pittsburgh, reports Columbus Dispatch.

Seventy percent of the project is complete, but funding is needed to conduct a study on the area in the remaining 30 percent in Muskingum County, Coshocton County, Tuscarawas County, and Harrison County. 

The CPCA will meet next on Aug. 27 at 10 a.m. on the campus of the Central Ohio Technical College in Coshocton.

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“Unfair spin happening against us,” Columbus Proud Boys defend Sawmill Rd demonstration




Update: Following an uproar of opinions from the community regarding the Proud Boys demonstration on Sawmill Rd over the weekend (scroll down for full story), 614NOW reached out to the Columbus chapter as well as the Southern Poverty Law Center for statements.

SPLC returned our call for questioning with, "We have no comment on the Proud Boys event in Columbus."

Below are the Proud Boys Columbus chapter's unedited responses:

(614): What was the agenda of the Proud Boys for the walk over the weekend? 

Proud Boys: We didn't really have an agenda, apart from feeling like it was time to have a patriotic flag waving event. You see these things done on TV and on the Internet, where Americans of all walks of life, races, creeds, sexual orientation, band together, united as Americans for the sole purpose of being proud to be American.

What is untold, thus far in the pictures of our patriotic walk on Sawmill is that we had a gay man, a 2 hispanic folks (including a young woman), with us - because they're members (well, not the woman). The walk was 100% a show of love of America, celebrating in one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse areas of Columbus - and we love that - Dublin is a great town with great people of all walks of life, ethnicities, backgrounds, political ideologies, all of it. The Proud Boys protect diversity - in no way, NO WAY, was this flag-wave "hate" - that is 100% fiction, invented and pushed by people with a political axe to grind. We were 100% positive, and there was a 20-to-1 positive reaction to us, and for those who disagreed and gave us rude hand gestures or said awful things (like the man at the Diamond Cellar), we shouted things like, "He's still your President," "Four more years," "Trump's not that bad!" and "USA!" No hate, all positive. That's who we are - inclusive and open to men of all kinds.

(614): What meaning do the Proud Boys assign to the bright green flag that was being waved on the walk? 

Note: One of the flags that was presented on the Proud Boys' walk is referred to as the “national flag of Kekistan” and often regarded as an iteration of a German Nazi war flag.

“National flag of Kekistan” pictured second from right

The ProudBoys don't really have an official stance on the joke Kekistani flag. It, like us, has been tainted with "alt-right" accusations, when it (and sometimes like us) is used as a device to expose the intolerance of the political left. I'd say, mission accomplished! Holy smokes, the fire storm of accusations of KKK and Nazi and hate and intolerance, it is a mirror - the Kekistan flag serves as a mirror for the intolerance that opposing opinions and ideas have in this climate we're in. It's a joke. It's a trolling device, just like the "Okay" hand gesture that 4-chan (also the origins of Pepe The Frog and Kekistan) use to trigger people who are easily triggered.

We are not racists. We are not hateful. We absolutely in no uncertain terms reject:

  1. The Alt-Right
  2. Racism
  3. White Nationalism
    (and here's where we run afoul of "normies")
  4. Political Correctness

We're a drinking club, a fraternity of patriotic men who are tired of seeing American trashed in political discourse. We know that America has it's hard stories, and those stories should and must be told. Slavery is a dark blemish on the soul of this country, as is the history of Democratic-run states that segregated blacks and whites - but that story always seems to be mis-told, but I digress.

People choose to believe what they choose to believe They hear what they want to hear. They Google and absorb and believe what the machine tells them. If you google Proud Boys we are the worst creatures to ever have walked the earth. If you come and talk to us, we are your Dad - your grand father, your great grandfather. We are largely blue collar, working class men, of EVERY nationality, of every race, creed, sexual preference (men only though, you had to be born a man - it is a rule).

There is an untold story here, and it's how men like us are being slandered and marginalized with freedom by people to throw around the words "racist" and "hate" and "white supremacists" without fear. In my dad's day, that would have ended you up with a mouth full of loose teeth. But we are not violent men, we seek peace, but we will not back down, we do not apologize for America being the greatest country in the world, and for this we are made out to be Satan in carnate. What a sad state of affairs.

08/19/2019: A group of people marched down Sawmill Rd over the weekend waving a flag considered to be an iteration of the Nazi Germany war banner.

State Representative Beth Liston posted photos to Facebook of several individuals walking on a sidewalk, some carrying American Flags, others carrying Trump 2020 flags, and one carrying a bright green flag that she says is used by the alt-right to represent hate.

Another person pictured is waving a "Proud Boys" banner which represents a far-right organization that only admits men.

"We must all unequivocally condemn this message. #NoPlaceForHate," wrote Liston

According to the SPL Center, the green flag carried by one of the men in the photo is the “national flag of Kekistan” that mimics a German Nazi war flag.

"Alt-righters are particularly fond of the way the banner trolls liberals who recognize its origins." —SPL Center website

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Columbus Zoo proudly announces birth of new African lion pride members




A new pride of lions is wondering the grounds at the Columbus Zoo! Three African lion cubs were born on August 16 and 17.

This is the first litter for four-year-old Naomi, who is attentive to the healthy cubs, according to Heart of Africa animal care teams.

Her pregnancy was a surprise since the cub’s sire, Tomo, underwent a vasectomy in 2018 because his genes are strongly represented within the African Lion Species Survival Program population. Tomo was humanely euthanized in May at the age of 15 after his quality of life rapidly diminished due to age-related issues.

Since female cubs stay with their birth pride, African lions in their native ranges are known at times to mate with their own offspring if another male has not been able to successfully establish himself as the new leader of the pride.

“We are committed to the work the Columbus Zoo is doing to protect lions in Africa, as well as inspiring our guests to join us in taking action to help lions and other species. We are very grateful for their support of the Zoo as it is also benefiting important conservation initiatives and having a direct impact on saving wildlife in their native ranges,” said Columbus Zoo President/CEO Tom Stalf.

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