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Shocking updates in the Mount Carmel West fentanyl death scandal

614now Staff



The number of Mount Carmel West patients who received potentially fatal doses of fentanyl has climbed from 27 to 34.

Of those 34, 28 allegedly received lethal doses, reports 10TV.

Most shockingly: Three patients died after the hospital received a formal report containing allegation against the doctor who was ordering the doses of the pain med.

Mount Carmel hospital officials admit they did not act quickly enough to remove Dr. William Husel, who was leading the administration of “grossly inappropriate” amounts of fentanyl.

Mount Carmel officials received the formal report on October 25. It wasn’t until Mount Carmel received a third report on November 21 that they fired Husel.

“…we should have begun a more expedited process to investigate and consider immediate removal of Dr. Husel from patient care at that time,” wrote Mount Carmel. “We are sorry for this tragedy, and we will continue to investigate how we responded to this report and whether there is any other information that should have led us to investigate sooner into Dr. Husel’s practices.”

In wake of the tragedies, new policy changes are rolling out at Mount Carmel.

Now, nurses and physicians at Mount Carmel West Hospital cannot administer medications during the removal of a ventilator without prior approval from the pharmacy, reports 10TV.

This is the process during which the near-death or intensive care patients are believed to have been given lethal doses of the painkiller.

The youngest person to be identified as one of the alleged victims is 37-year-old James “Nick” Timmons from Hilliard.

So far, four wrongful death lawsuits have been filed against Husel, various nurses, pharmacists, and the hospital.


Husel has been fired and 14 nurses and six pharmacists have been removed from patient care, reports 10TV.

Mount Carmel has also implemented a new escalation policy for increases in pain medication dosing and a new approval process for high pain med doses in “like situations.”

In a video statement on January 14, Mount Carmel CEO and President Ed Lamb has apologized to patient families and acknowledged that the procedures in place were insufficient for preventing these events from occurring.

Another video was released on January 22 addressing Mount Carmel Health System’s 11,000 employees.

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Have a basket of fun at new hotel opening in Newark

Regina Fox



We all know what "barrel of fun" means, but soon the Longaberger building in Newark will be giving life to a new term: "basket of fun."

The famed "basket building," formerly the office space for the handcrafted basket seller, will be transformed into a 150-room luxury hotel set to open in about two years, reports ABC6.

Heritage Ohio board member Steve Coon purchased the Longaberger building in 2017 when the basket company went out of business. It has been vacant since 2016.

Coon Restoration and Ceres Enterprises have partnered up for the project, which has yet to be given a price tag. Coon told the 200-person crowd at Monday night's Heritage Ohio Conference that he and his partners will be seeking state and federal tax breaks as well as grants, reports 10TV.

Developers intend to keep the history of the building intact during restoration.

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Dear I-670 drivers, your lives are going to change tomorrow

614now Staff



Notice anything different on your I-670 and/or I-270 commute lately? Could be the nine 600-square-foot, 110,000-pound digital signs towering over the freeway.

When operational tomorrow, these signs will display information about the first ever Ohio SmartLane.

The I-670 "SmartLane" is the left shoulder that will be opened when traffic slows to a crawl. It will begin just east of I-71 in downtown Columbus and extend to I-270 on the East Side.

The SmartLane will be closed most of the time, indicated by a red X. But when traffic dips below 50 mph, The Dispatch reports traffic monitors will send signals to the overhead signs to open the SmartLane.

A green arrow will appear along with a speed limit for SmartLane drivers to abide by (slower speeds keep traffic moving during congestion). A yellow indicator will appear when the lane is about to close.

ODOT has installed more than 30 traffic cameras to monitor the lane for any obstructions, reports The Dispatch. The right shoulder of I-670 will be free for disabled vehicles to use.

The $61 million project will debut tomorrow. Visit for more information on the project and the new traffic patterns.

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Bizarre Crime: Woman breaks into Franklinton home to bathe toddler

Regina Fox



You may think you've been part of a bizarre situation, but I guarantee it will pale in comparison to what one Franklinton mother experienced recently.

Areica Hill woke to find another woman inside her home, getting ready to give her 2-year-old son a bath.

Elizabeth Hixon, 22, was arrested and charged with burglary.

NBC4i reports Hixon claimed she entered the home to provide care to the young boy, who was outside the residence. During a phone call with NBC4i, Hixon's mother said she believes her daughter's heart was in the right place.

Hill, who had never met Hixon, hopes additional charges will be filed against her.

Hixon has posted bond.

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