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Erin and Hannah

Erin and Hannah

614now Staff

Food: PC Events Catering
Dresses: Wendy’s Bridal
Officiant: Stephanie Jones
Flowers and Decor:Madison House Designs
Budget Range: $18,000

Beauty times two is the best way to describe these two lovely ladies on their wedding day. Like something out of a Victorian novel, draped greenery and soft lighting in the evening contributed to the dreamy look of the event. A kid-friendly ceremony ensured giggles and adorable photo ops throughout the night. Even when a surprise sunshower came through the party, the brides simply pulled out their umbrellas and snapped some pics while they waited on the rainbows.


What’s something that you’d do over every time if given the chance? The Photobus Cincinnati! This unique VW Photobus provided something fun and different for our guests to do, especially the little ones!

Anything that you want to add that made your day stand out?The forecast was ‘doomsday’ for the entire week beforehand, with a 90% chance of rain/storms most of the day, including the ceremony (which was outdoors.) The day of the wedding came and it was blue skies and white puffy clouds, absolutely gorgeous weather! We got a little cool down and drizzle during the reception; and used the opportunity to get some amazing photos with the umbrellas we bought in preparation of a rainy wedding. We got the best of both worlds! 

The Big Day, in six words: Absolutely better than our wildest dreams.


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