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Oscar and AnhThu

Oscar and AnhThu

614now Staff

Budget Range: $35,000
Dress: Viktor & Rolf
Tuxedo: Black Tux
Booze: Open Bar with Land Grant Brewing
Flowers: Evergreen Flower Co.
Officiant: Xuan Li
Cake: Miam Cake
Event planner: Events Held Dear

Oscar and AnhThu combined Vietnamese and American traditions as they combined their families on their big day. Beginning with a tea ceremony, they participated in traditions with their families. The bride wore a stunning red lace gown and red beaded headpiece.


“We had a Vietnamese tea ceremony in the early morning and had zero stressful emotions. It was all so fun- from the fireworks, pouring of tea and cognac, to the snacking on sweet rice.”

If there’s any wedding day feat, it’s surely pulling off a stress-free, pre-party affair.

To prepare for the main event, the bride spirited off with her bridesmaids to prepare, with a new hair do and a second dress, this time in white.
At the venue, flowers and balloons, along with the delicate cake, made the affair resplendent in pink and white. Their large and elegant gathering retained its intimacy with personal touches, like the surprise dance the bride and groom rehearsed with their cousins, much to the delight of the generations of family in attendance.

Any standout stories from that day, or something that you’d do over every time if given the chance?Our couple’s dance and our surprise break out dance with our cousins just sealed the deal for the night. We would definitely take the opportunity to shake our booties over and over if given the chance. The reactions on our family members’ and friends’ faces were absolutely priceless and hilarious. Our main dance led people to come join us in dancing and show off their moves! It was truly very fun and funny.

Did anything go comically wrong, or was there anything you
wish you had skipped? 
After saying our personal vows and laughing way too much, it was time for the ring exchange. During practice, Oscar had my ring first. Therefore, I expected Oscar to go first. Little did I know that the boys changed the process up moments before the real ceremony. I started to turn “tiger wife” and get bossy during this part in the ceremony! I realized that everyone in the room saw and heard what happened, so I panicked and just laughed it off so hard. Immediately, everyone else broke out laughing because they knew that is exactly how I am.

Was there anything you did or had that made the big day easier? Besides coffee, alcohol, and lots of sweets? Our families made the big day so much easier. It was not just a big wedding, but it felt like one awesome giant family/friend reunion! Our families always looked out for us and made sure that we had enough food (very important in Asian families) and enough drinks in our hands. We had to keep energized for additional dancing at Granero Lounge’s Latin Night and make it to Late Nite Slice

Anything that you want to add that made your day stand out? Oscar and I attempted to feed each other pizza to be romantic and we failed miserably. His pizza landed on my wedding dress, which I wore out to the club. It took the poor dry cleaners five weeks to clean the pizza out.

The Big Day, in six words: Getting married is seriously the best. 


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