German Village: 169 E Beck St

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Our Top 6 Carry Out Offerings
Crispy Chicken Sandwich

spicy fried chicken tossed with chili oil, bread & butter pickles, lindey’s cole slaw and creamy parmesan dressing on a brioche bun (contains nuts or has a nut allergen)


shrimp, lobster, garlic, asparagus, lobster butter, parmesan reggiano cheese and thyme


romaine, ciabatta croutons, parmesan reggiano cheese and caesar dressing

Steak Frites

8 oz. new york strip, house steak butter, hand cut fries, house steak sauce and petite arugula salad with herb mustard vinaigrette (contains nuts or has a nut allergen)

Lobster Bisque

with sherry chantilly, chives and diced shrimp 


allen brothers’ angus beef, tillamook cheddar, shaved lettuce, tomato, grilled red onion, bread & butter pickles, duroc bacon and lindey’s sauce on a brioche bun


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