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(614) Music Club: Robert Mason

(614) Music Club: Robert Mason

Julian Foglietti

Every week (614) Music Club teams up with your favorite local artists to build a playlist of what they’re listening to, and what’s inspiring them. This week’s playlist is made in conjunction with Columbus Jazz artist, Robert Mason of The Robert Mason Trio.

Photo By Benjamin Willis

Tell me about the playlist you selected (what do the songs mean to you, what kinda vibe did you want to create with it).

“These are all recent songs I’ve been listening to the past few weeks. I’ve been digging a wide range of soulful music and wanted to share the vibe I have been on lately. It’s a lot of groove-based music, a lot of bass in the drums, good pockets. Soulful and jazzy, something that makes you wanna move and dance around.”

What artists and songs have influenced your own music?

“Rusty Bryant and Big John Patton have been heavily influencing my playing recently as I’ve been focused more on the Hammond organ. They have a great bluesy sound and the style they bring to music is something I want to develop in my own playing.”

How have the past few months changed the way you approached writing songs?

“Honestly, I haven’t been inspired to write much while dealing with Covid-19. Everybody’s got a different approach to writing, a lot of my work is done live, so it’s hard to vibe without groups to perform with. I have been able to listen to songs more and play bass guitar and the Hammond organ a bit. I’ve been trying to challenge myself to work from different music than I’m used to. However, It’s definitely changed my perspective on the work I wanna do going forward.”

Robert Mason’s Playlist

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