Columbus Music Club: Angela Perley

Julian Foglietti

Every week (614) Music Club teams up with your favorite local artists to build a playlist of what they’re listening to, and what’s inspiring them. This week’s playlist is made with singer songwriter Angela Perley. 

Tell me about the playlist you selected (what do the songs mean to you, what kinda vibe did you want to create with it).

So I recently got some rollerblades and skates to mix up my outdoor hobbies, so this playlist is made for all the 614 bladers and skaters out there. Iggy Pop to Tina Turner kind of vibes going to keep things surreal. With live music venues and festivals shutdown and basically reduced to livestreams and pre-recorded formats, I’ve been living outside rain or shine. Skating and spending time outside in general during the day has been a lovely escape and reset for me.  

What artists and songs have influenced your own music. 

I’m always on a journey when it comes to music and artists I get into. Currently I have been listening to 49th Parallel, Susie Quatro and The Zombies (older 60s/70s era stuff) on repeat. As far as new music goes- I’ve been obsessed with Khruangbin and Leon Bridges recent collab EP ‘Texas Sun’ and Lilly Hiatt’s new album ‘Walking Proof.’ I’m sure all of that subconsciously influences me somehow for sure. 


How have the past few months changed the way you approached writing songs. 

To be honest, I’ve been in scramble mode applying to relief grants, retroactive unemployment (which just opened up for freelance workers/musicians like me in the state’s system a week ago..) and doing livestreams to stay afloat and get through the initial shutdown period. I haven’t had much time to write and haven’t been in the mood to focus on that yet. I’m not the kind of writer that works on stuff daily, I am more of a “let the muse to come to you” kind of gal. I guess that hasn’t changed, because I have written a couple bits and pieces to things and have just started to re-visit some newer songs I wrote before everything changed that I would love to finish in the near future.

 Do you have any upcoming releases or projects you’re excited about?

I was a part of a really cool collab recording project, so I’m really looking forward to announce and release that late spring/summer. As far as my own material goes, I don’t have any definite plans yet, but I have an overabundance of ideas, so I’m really looking forward to exploring those more!


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