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Must-see art installations take over Easton’s newest district

Must-see art installations take over Easton’s newest district

Mike Thomas

With Governor DeWine’s reopen order for retail businesses set to take effect mid-May, shoppers will soon return to their favorite stores for the first time in weeks (while maintaining proper social distancing etiquette, wearing recommended masks, and taking all other appropriate precautions, of course).

Fans of Easton will have a few new surprises in store while perusing the popular mall’s newest district. Some of the outdoor spaces at Easton now serve as the canvas for unique art installations from several of Central Ohio’s own visionary artists.


Easton invites guests to discover these new works of welcoming public art, which incorporate eclectic architecture, open spaces and alluring digital elements into a one of a kind experience. Full descriptions of the works on display are available on Easton’s website, along with in-depth behind the scenes videos delving into the artists and the creative process behind each piece.

While details of the plans to reopen area malls remain uncertain at this time, the management at Easton plan to reopen the complex in phases (per ABC6). Whenever Easton’s newest district opens to the public, use this handy map as your guide to find all of the incredible works of art on display:

Click image for larger view

While the shops at Easton are closed for now, all of these works are on display in the outdoor spaces of the mall. Swing by and check them out the next time you’re in the mood for a walk!


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