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Experience Columbus’ bid for millennials is working–they’re flocking to Columbus

Experience Columbus’ bid for millennials is working–they’re flocking to Columbus


It’s working! Millennials are flocking to Columbus, according to financial-advising company SmartAsset. After conducting its fourth-annual study last year that mapped the cities where millennials were moving to the most, the firm concluded Ohio’s capital city was a Top 10 contender.

And Experience Columbus couldn’t be happier. It’s one of the local organizations that has strategically created and placed advertising campaigns toward recruiting millennials back to the heart of Ohio to live, work, and play.

“We know that Columbus has so much to offer millennials, from affordable living, vibrant nightlife, a thriving arts scene, unique shopping experiences, great schools, and so much more.”

Sarah Townes, vice president of marketing at Experience Columbus

In its study, SmartAsset ranked Columbus as the No. 10 city where millennials were packing up and moving. The 2019 study also cited Columbus as having 10,445 millennials move in throughout 2018 while 7,712 migrated out. Columbus posted the ninth-highest move-in population as well. 

The company came to the conclusion that, with a net migration of 2,733, Columbus was an interesting place to move because of reasonable housing costs. SmartAsset used data from the 2018 Census Bureau to analyze the migration data of those between the ages of 25 and 39. 

“This group is also vitally important to (help) restart our economy following COVID-19 as research from Longwoods International tells us that younger travelers will be the first to resume taking trips within the next six months,” said Townes.

Cities that ranked above Columbus included No. 1 Seattle, No. 2 Denver, No. 3 Austin, No. 7 Nashville, and No. 8 Phoenix. 

Columbus also ranked ninth in a 2019 SmartAsset study, which found that Columbus was one of the best cities where the average renter could afford to live alone.


These numbers aren’t surprising to some. In an article that was published in 2015, IT publication Government Technology pointed out how cities like Columbus have been targeting those who live in bigger metropolitan areas to move to the Midwest. 

Social media and advertising campaigns have played a pivotal role in luring millennials to Columbus. It seems to be doing the trick. And as more city dwellers leave the big lights for suburban America following the COVID-19 crisis, Columbus may see even more millennials on its streets in the months to come.


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