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Are you a total cut-up?

Are you a total cut-up?


Buy a cutout seat for OSU home games

Bummed you can’t cheer on the Buckeyes in person at the shoe this year? Don’t fret, we have the answer for you, and it’s pandemic-friendly.

The Ohio State University has found a creative way to bring fans into the stadium by placing cutouts of fan faces throughout the shoe. Cutouts will be located on the 50-yard line, A-deck, and the student section in the south stadium stands. 

There are some restrictions when it comes to getting your photo approved:

  • Sorry (not sorry), no selfies. Make sure your photo includes your torso.
  • Single shots only. Two people in one photo will be asked to resend (unless holding a baby, small child, or a pet).
  • Don’t grab a photo from social media postings. It’ll get pixelated. Use a camera phone or digital camera instead.
  • No *ichigan attire allowed (or other teams for that matter).
  • Friends and family who want to ‘sit’ together should submit their photos at the same time.

Grab your favorite Buckeye gear and show your support for the team by purchasing your FanCutOut before they sell out. 


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