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Buckeye Football kicks off “second phase”

Buckeye Football kicks off “second phase”

Lori Schmidt

The Ohio State football team has announced that they are moving on to a “second phase” of their summer session. 

In this phase, taking place over the next 14 days, OSU football players will be allowed to work up to 20 hours a week. That time will be spent on weight training (up to 8 hours), walk-through drills (up to 6 hours), and team meetings (up to 6 hours). 

They will not be doing contact or speed drills at the present time, and coaches will not conduct skill instruction with players until preseason practice starts on Aug. 7. 


It was only ten days ago that the athletic department resumed voluntary summer workouts after a temporary suspension when some of its athletes tested positive for coronavirus. 

The team said in a statement that they are continuing to conduct COVID-19 testing, and are committed to maintaining health and safety procedures such as “daily symptoms assessments, physical distancing, masks, hygiene, limited density in indoor spaces and cleaning procedures.”

The locker room, showers, and players’ lounge remain off-limits to the Buckeye athletes, as part of the team’s established COVID-19 precautions.

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