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Want a rare My Chemical Romance album? Elton John? Here’s where to get them and more

Want a rare My Chemical Romance album? Elton John? Here’s where to get them and more

Nicholas Youngblood

Record Store Day (part one) is Saturday, Aug. 29, and soon hundreds of one-time presses will be available at your local vinyl shop.

The 13th annual Record Store Day—where indie record stores worldwide sell exclusive releases for one day only—has had repeated delays this year. First, it was pushed from April 18 to June 20. Now, it has been broken into three separate days in August, September, and October in order to promote social distancing.

Shelves will be stocked with vinyls from big name artists such as My Chemical Romance, Eminem, Billie Eilish, David Bowie, The Cure, Elton John and more. Local stores getting in on the action include Magnolia Thunderpussy, Craft & Vinyl, Used Kids Records, Spoonful Records, Records Per Minute, and Lost Weekend Records. Some will be participating online only, while others will host in-person shopping.


Jimmy Buttons–buyer, curator, archivist, and “vinyl jerk in general” for Used Kids Records–said the store tries to get as many of the RSD releases as possible, but supplies can be extremely limited. Used Kids Records has ordered every one, but with limited supply, massive demand, and worldwide distribution, there’s no telling how many of each they will get.

Future Record Store Day drops will occur on Sept. 26 and Oct. 24. A full list of the releases for each date can be found on the RSD website here, and participating record stores can be found here.

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