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We’ve got a new candy winner, so get them before they’re gone

We’ve got a new candy winner, so get them before they’re gone


Blow Pops rule in Ohio

Who doesn’t love treats – whether it’s a coworker bringing doughnuts into the office in the morning or seasonal yummy goodies?

In 2019, hundreds of thousands of pounds of chocolate-coated Halloween treats were sold in the Buckeye State with the most popular treat being M&Ms for the third year in a row. 

But then along comes 2020 and its penchant for throwing a wrench into the status quo, and we have a new top dog in the candy world. Taking out M&M’s for being crowned the fourth year in a row is – drumroll, please – is the Blow Pop. An astonishing 170,236 pounds of Blow Pops have been sold in Ohio for trick or treaters this year according to a study done by 

Other fun facts from the study we found:

  • Fruity Starburst candies are loved above all else in six states.
  • Chocolate is a 50/50 situation: 25 states prefer chocolates while 25 prefer non-chocolate goodies.
  • Connecticut would rather have tiny, black-wrapped candies called “peanut butter kisses” than a decadent Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.
  • New Hampshire and Connecticut should be friends, loving Circus Peanuts more than anyone other than my grandma.
  • Four states’ favorite candy comes on a stick.
  • Iowa may be home to the most candy lovers –in addition to Starbursts, they like Jolly Ranchers, M&Ms, and Twix the best.

So whether you’re a chocolate-lover, a Starburst-fan, a Twix-devotee, or even addicted to plain old candy corn, make some room in your bowl for Blow Pops this year. Your little trick or treaters will thank you. And, your house probably won’t get egged. So it’s a win-win. 

Please also keep in mind that COVID-19 doesn’t take a day off for ghosts, pirates, princesses, and ladybugs. For this Halloween trick-or-treating, we recommend you monitor Ohio’s health guidelines if you plan to go house to house this week and wear an effective mask. 


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