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You can hug the trees once again: ZipZone announces phase-one reopening

You can hug the trees once again: ZipZone announces phase-one reopening

Photo provided by ZipZone Outdoor Adventures.

If you were wondering when you’d be allowed to climb amongst the trees (or closer to the ground if you happen to be a young’un) once again, the answer is probably sooner than you thought.

ZipZone Outdoor Adventures, located on the grounds of Camp Mary Orton, 7925 N. High  St., will be reopening its Adventure Park and Kids Park courses tomorrow, June 27.

Luckily for ZipZone guests, safety has always been priority No. 1. Having to adjust to COVID-19 regulations was a difficult challenge, but not one the company couldn’t handle—with a little help.


Owner Lori Pingle mentioned to (614) that she spent a lot of time over the past three months communicating with adventure program operators around the world. Even with being experts in adventure safety, there were still areas of safety where ZipZone needed to educate themselves more in order to make it safe for guests to return to the trees.

“While we are experts in our field, we need to look to the experts in the field of public health in order to find direction for our business…We are trying to do the best we can do in order to apply our already high safety standards to this challenging health crisis. It hasn’t been easy, but we know that when our guests get to climb and zip in the trees again it is going to be worth it.”

Lori Pingle, owner of ZipZone Outdoor Adventures

ZipZone asks that guests follow these precautions when entering the park: 

  • Masks may be lowered when actively on the Adventure Park or on the grounds provided social distancing is easily maintained. Masks will be required for the full duration of the zip line tours. 
  • Please maintain a 6-foot distance from others outside of your family group. 
  • At check-in, you will be asked a set of simple, health-related questions to best ensure the safety of guests and park staff.
  • If you made a reservation for the Adventure Park, you were given the option to purchase a pair of basic climbing gloves, upgrade to performance gloves, or bring your own pair of gloves for climbing. 
  • We will not be providing communal water sources at this time. We encourage you to bring water bottles if you are participating in the Adventure Park. We will have small water bottles provided on the zipline Tours.  We also have bottled water and other refreshments for sale in the gift shop.

The company also suggests that you book online in advance “to lessen contact with staff and expedite your check-in process” because it will be operating at limited capacity.

The Canopy Tour section of ZipZone Outdoor Adventures will reopen in July. There’s no set date yet for the Canopy Tour reopening. Check back on ZipZone’s COVID-19 FAQ page for updated information. 


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