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Brookshire reborn

Brookshire reborn

Julian Foglietti

No longer just a wedding venue, modern space hosts businesses as well

The Brookshire has undergone an extensive transformation for it’s 15th anniversary, pulling the event space firmly into the present day with a contemporary redesign. Gone are the terracotta floors and Tuscan taste, replaced now with windows that double as doors, allowing the massive space to blend into the outdoors once the walls are pulled away. 

The bridal and groom suites in the space have also been redone, both featuring clean minimalist design. 

“When rebuilding the space we wanted to reflect the newer trends we see in weddings, and create a space that allows guests to completely customize the look of the venue,” says Managing Partner John Brooks. 


In addition to the renovations done for weddings, the Brookshire also has a few more tricks up its sleeve. The space can be split in half and a state of the art AV system has been put in place geared towards corporate events. 

Easily tucked away for weddings, the projectors and sound systems make it a perfect space for conferences, as well as board meetings. The removable walls also allow for exceptional airflow creating peace of mind for corporate gatherings in the age of coronavirus. 

“We really wanted to turn the space into more than just a wedding space, we wanted to build a venue that could host all types of gatherings needed in the Delaware county area,” says Brooks. 

Whatever the event is, the new Brookshire is sure to be hosting celebrations and events for years to come.


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