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Craving Creole: 5 of our fave cajun joints

Craving Creole: 5 of our fave cajun joints

Regina Fox

Despite being a few hundred miles from where the real action is taking place, we think you deserve your piece of the King Cake…er, pie.

Take your palate on a vacation to NOLA this Mardi Gras at five of our favorite cajun restaurants around Columbus.

Yats | 1386 Grandview Ave, Columbus

Go cajun creole crazy at Yats in Grandview, where you can get an array of sauces and stews + rice and cajun buttered baguette for under 10 bucks. No waiters, no tablecloths, just the way we like it.

J. Gumbos | 64 Granville St, Gahanna

Want a bowl as big as the Bayou? Head to J. Gumbo’s for delicious and authentic creole and cajun food at a great price.


Gallo’s Kitchen and Bar | 2820 Nottingham Rd, Columbus

Join Gallo’s for our Fat Tuesday celebration with live music all night long, Hurricane cocktails, Abita beers, and the best creole cooking in Columbus.

Kai’s Crab Boil | 839 Bethel Rd, Columbus

Roll up your sleeves and tighten your bib, it’s about to get messy! Kai’s brings the flavors of the coast to the Midwest. Shake up your favorite seafood any way you like ’em.

Chef Butcher’s Creole Kitchen | 1052 B Mt. Vernon Ave, Columbus

In 2006, 54-year-old Louisiana native Chef Henry Butcher decided it was time to be his own boss. Now, his restaurant is one of the top cajun authorities around here. The menu is all Bayou: seafood jambalaya, fried gator, Po Boys, several gumbos, fried catfish creole and of course, red beans and rice.


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