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Four drinks to energize your International Coffee Day

Four drinks to energize your International Coffee Day

Nicholas Youngblood

It’s International Coffee Day, and you know what that means: Time to get wasted!

What, no?

So what if it’s a Tuesday? Here are instructions on how to prepare four cocktails that all contain that coffee-flavored nectar of the gods: Kahlúa–a Mexican liqueur so sweet, you won’t even realize you’re getting trashed.


White Russian

The quintessential Kahlúa cocktail, approved by The Dude himself. All you have to do is pour equal amounts of vodka and Kahlúa over ice, top it off with a generous splash of heavy cream, then give it a stir. Be warned, this thing might taste like big kid chocolate milk, but it is strong. A heavy drink for sipping on a relaxing night in.

If you aren’t exactly pumped about mixing dairy with your vodka, you can forego the cream and make a Black Russian, although I highly recommend giving the original a chance.

Brave Bull

Wanna get hammered ASAP? Hate doing straight shots, but all out of mixers? Then do I have the drink for you! The Brave Bull combines one part Kahlúa with two parts tequila blanco. That’s it. Finally, Mexico’s most iconic duo is together in one drink. The best part is that it doesn’t even taste like it’s an entire glass of straight liquor (it definitely is).

If you are feeling especially courageous, you can crank your Brave Bull up a notch and make a Kicking Bull, which is the same drink except the glass has been rimmed with cayenne powder, sugar, and cinnamon.


Who wouldn’t want to kick back with a nice, refreshing Orgasm on a Friday night? Just like the real thing, this drink is best had on your B.A.C.K. That is to say, it should be equal parts Baileys Irish Cream, Amaretto, Cream, and Kahlúa. Whether you enjoy it on your own or with friends, I think we could all do with an extra-large Orgasm from time to time.

If you want to mix it up in the bedroom, er, kitchen, you can try out the Screaming Orgasm. All you have to do is add a shot of vodka.

B-52 Shot

Definitely the most involved option on the list, the B-52 is a layered shot that’s sure to impress your friends. Fill a shot glass with ⅓ Kahlúa, then ⅓ Baileys Irish Cream, then ⅓ orange liqueur. The orange can be triple sec, Grand Marnier, or Cointreau (if you’re feeling extra).

Order is essential here because the layering is caused by the densities of the liquids. If you want the layers to look extra precise, pour your ingredients over the back of a cold spoon so they don’t disturb the liquid already in the glass.


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