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Punk Pigs brings ‘Grilled Cheese & Anarchy’ to SoHud

Punk Pigs brings ‘Grilled Cheese & Anarchy’ to SoHud

Nicholas Youngblood

Zach James, sheriff of the Paddy Wagon food truck, has unveiled his newest venture: Punk Pigs, a delivery and carryout joint aiming to bring “Grilled Cheese & Anarchy” to the South of Hudson neighborhood. The grilled cheese joint will fill the former Baba’s space Oct. 2.

“We want to raise the bar for the grilled cheese sandwich, and not just by stacking 4lbs of mac & cheese on some white bread,” James, self-proclaimed “Bosshog” of Punk Pigs, said in a press release.


Menu items will include grilled cheeses, loaded melts, sandwiches, and appetizers, in addition to vegan and vegetarian options. The menu was constructed with help from former Tatoheads Food Truck owner Dan McCarthy, and Mason Conway, former executive chef at Hyde Park. Punk Pigs will also offer a curated list of wine and beer for carryout.

The restaurant will feature punk-rock decor to match its rebellious theme, ranging from crash cymbal light fixtures to shattered pop records lining the walls.

James said the restaurant is built around a “post-COVID reality,” with a menu and business model that suit the current structure of dining. Punk Pigs will have some seating, but be primarily geared toward carryout fare.

The restaurant comes at a tough time for food trucks like James’s which are struggling with a summer season that lacked the mass gatherings where they make most of their revenue.  The Paddy Wagon has been closed to the public since March, only catering the occasional private event. James said Punk Pigs was born of a combination of stir craziness and pandemic adjustment.

“This is probably just, you know, quarantine mind. Too much time on your hands, I think,” James said. “It kind of emerged out of that, but for me, it’s the way that the restaurant business is headed.”

Punk Pigs is located at 2515 Summit St. More information can be found on its website here.


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