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Too Good To Eat: Fox in the Snow egg sandwich

Too Good To Eat: Fox in the Snow egg sandwich


Are you bready for this? I’ve been scrambling for an eggcellent way to describe this egg sandwich, but yolk’s on me because words do it no justice.

There are times when we long for comfort and familiarity; for shared memories; for joyous experiences; for warm smiles all around. We might even be so bold as to call ourselves creatures of habit as we feel drawn to our daily routines and activities. It’s in our nature. Why not embrace it?

For those of us who have been made self-aware of our desires, we often find ourselves at none other than Fox in the Snow, seated on a worn wooden bench, holding a freshly baked pastry in one hand and a warm cup of coffee in the other.


With the welcoming scents of brewed coffee and baked goods enveloping the cafe, it is no wonder that Fox in the Snow is the gift that keeps on giving. The warm embrace of the atmosphere invites us in, encourages us to stay, and gives in to our tingling senses.

But the thing that really brings me back is the egg sandwich. Highly requested by fellow city dwellers and guests alike, this sandwich is one that needs no introduction. This culinary sensation created with the combination of the softest souffléd egg, mustard, and crispy ciabatta is in a lane of its own.

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Don't go bacon my heart 🥓

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We want it. We need it. And we will wait in line for it.

It’s the item that gives us our label: creatures of habit. It turns every visit into one filled with anticipation and excitement. It keeps us coming back for more.

So, here’s to the creatures of habit; the early-risers and the not; the socializers and the multi-taskers; the latte drinkers and the hot chocolate sippers. Here is your place of comfort. Here is your new place to be.

So pull up a chair, take a seat, and enjoy.

Fox in the Snow has locations in Italian Village, German Village, and New Albany. Visit for more information.

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