Help is right around the corner: mental healthcare provider expands in Columbus

Lori Schmidt

Not all businesses are declining in the era of COVID-19. LifeStance Health, Inc., which provides mental health services through its subsidiary PyschBC, has signed six new leases in the Columbus, Ohio area.

“It is, from a population perspective, obviously one of the major markets and our historical footprint there has been relatively minimal,” Danish Qureshi, Chief Growth Officer told (614) Media

The new offices will be in these locations:

  • 631 Copeland Mill Rd. Westerville, OH
  • 150 Taylor Station Rd. Columbus, OH
  • 3775-3779 Trueman Ct. Hilliard, OH
  • 6455 Post Rd. Dublin, OH
  • Two Easton Oval, Columbus, OH
  • 855 Grandview Ave. Columbus, OH


Qureshi said the company hopes to provide a much-needed service to central Ohio. 

“The majority of clinicians are either out of network, meaning they accept insurance but they charge out-of-network rates, or they are cash-pay only. Our approach has been that we think it’s important that people should be able to utilize their insurance benefits to access behavioral health needs whenever they arise.” 

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that over 50% of adults in the United States believed that their mental health has been negatively impacted due to worry and stress over the coronavirus.


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