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Ohio needs lawyers for ballots, not legal battles

Ohio needs lawyers for ballots, not legal battles

Lori Schmidt

Ohio is confronting a potential lack of poll workers for the Nov. 3 general election by offering an incentive to the state’s lawyers. 

“Voter registration is kind of the 101 course, but the 200-level of citizenship is signing up to be a poll worker,” Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose told (614) Media.

Under a new program, lawyers will earn four hours of continuing legal education credits for volunteering to work the polls this fall. Because the state’s lawyers are required to complete 24 hours of continuing education every two years, Ohio hopes that the program will motivate law professionals to become part of the election process. 

“The opportunity for attorneys to be poll workers is just one piece of the puzzle. It could turn out to be a very big piece and be helpful on election day,” Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice O’Connor told CBS This Morning over the weekend. 

It takes 35,000 people to staff the polls on election day. They are paid anywhere between $115-$180 dollars for a day’s work, depending on the county. 

Sign up to be a poll worker here.


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