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February 2020

February 2020

614now Staff
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Is there another holiday that inspires quite so much hand-wringing as Valentine’s Day? We’ve found that people tend to approach it from one extreme or the other: it’s either the holiday that will fundamentally define your relationship that everything hinges on; or it’s just another day on the calendar designed to increase sales of candy and roses that can be comfortably opted-out of. Middle ground is hard to find.

Whether you’re in a relationship, looking for one, or happily single, the love-minded stories in the February issue of 614 Magazine are moving reminders of the different ways we connect and share time together. Is everything “happily ever after”? No—and that’s OK. There are ups and downs, perfect spontaneous moments, and events that go unexpectedly awry even after months of planning. That’s love, and that’s life.

We’re here to give you options, though if you decide to default to “Netflix and chill,” we certainly won’t judge. No matter what, readers, we’re glad you’re here. However you choose to express love this February, we choo-choo-choose you all.

In the issue:

  • Finding and keeping love in Columbus
  • Gallery Space: Phoenix Rising
  • Mic Drop: Elijah Banks
  • Belly up to Lawbird
  • Rooh is rising
  • Fearsome fusion
  • Wheels to work
  • The wedding issue

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