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Columbus Trivia: How well do you know your city?

614now Staff



How well do you know this city you call home? Test your knowledge with 614now trivia! New questions coming attcha daily so be sure to check back. The more you know, right?

What year did Olentangy Park close?


By 1938, effects of the Great Depression had greatly deceased Amusement Park attendance, and Olentangy Park was forced to close.

What is the unofficial name of the night before the first Columbus Crew SC game of the season?

Crewsmas Eve

Crewsmas eve is celebrated by #BeMassive fans all over the city the night before our men in black and yellow take the pitch.

What year was the first Major League Soccer club introduced in Columbus?


On June 15, 1994, Columbus, Ohio, was introduced as the first of 10 inaugural Major League Soccer (MLS) clubs.

What is Mayor Andrew Ginther's middle name?


Andrew James Ginther, born April 27, 1975, is a Democratic politician, the 53rd mayor of Columbus, Ohio.

What local salon was recently named best in North America?

Penzone Salon + Spa

Penzone Salon + Spa in Dublin was named the Salon of the Year at the North American Hairstyling Awards held in California. Read more:

What is the name of the men's Major League Lacrosse team here in Columbus?

Ohio Machine

On August 19, 2017, the Machine won their first championship in franchise history by defeating the Denver Outlaws, 17-12.

What is the hottest month on average in Columbus?


The average temperature in Columbus in July is 85, followed closely by August's average of 84.

What is the average snowfall in Columbus in January?


Columbus averages 5`` in December, 9.2`` in January, and 6.1`` in Columbus.

What is the median household income of Hilliard?

Between $92,000 and $96,000

Depending on the source, Hilliard families bring between $92,000 and $96,000 each year.

In what year did the Scioto River flood enough to kill more than 100 people?


In 1913, the Scioto River flooded the valley, killed more than 100 people, and caused an estimated $9 million in property damage. The citizens responded by instituting a program of flood control.

What year was the Statehouse built?


The statehouse was built in 1814. Columbus officially became the county seat in 1824.

What is the highly debated alternative name for the Dennison Place neighborhood around King Ave?

The Peach District

Though fuzzy, one possible origin of the name ``Peach District`` (BetweenN. High Street and the Olentangy River and King Ave and 5th Ave) could have come from a romantic looking out a window and saying the vantage point of the world looked ``peachy.``

One of the last remaining ancient burial mounds is located in Columbus. What is the name of it?

Shrum Mound

Shrum Mound is a 20-foot-high and 100-foot-diameter mound built by people of the ancient Adena culture (800 B.C.–A.D. 100). It's located at 3141 McKinley Ave, Columbus.

What does COSI stand for?

Center of Science and Industry

What year did The Kahiki close?


In 1995, the Kahiki brand expanded to frozen food isles in grocery stores. The products became so successful that the owners decided to shut down the restaurant in 2001 to shift all focus to the frozen enterprise

What was the The Alternative Station's frequency before it was 102.5?


The Ohio State University bought the 101.1 MHz frequency for $4.8 million in 2010 and simultaneously, The Alternative Station transitioned to 102.5 MHz.

What is the name of the grocery store chain headquartered in Columbus that closed in 2004?

Big Bear Stores

Big Bear Stores operated in Ohio and West Virginia between 1933 and 2004. The company was founded in Columbus, Ohio, and was headquartered there until its acquisition by Penn Traffic in 1989. Upon Penn Traffic's bankruptcy in 2004, all remaining Big Bear Stores were closed.

When did Union Station stop serving railroad passengers?


From 1850 to 1977 the Union Station served railroad passengers in Columbus. At its peak, the station handled 112 passenger trains per day.

Who has the most football wins between Michigan and Ohio State?


Michigan leads with a record of 58–49–6

What is Nationwide Arena's concert capacity?


Capacities: 18,500 for hockey; 19,500 for basketball; up to 20,000 for concerts.

What is Jungle Jack Hanna's real name?

John Bushnell Hanna

The director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium was born John Bushnell Hanna on January 2, 1947 in Knoxville, TN. He took a job at the Columbus Zoo in 1978 due, in part, to his his belief that Nationwide Children's Hospital had the best treatment available for his daughter Julie's leukemia.

In 1930, Palace Theatre operated under a different name. What was it?

“RKO Palace”

In 1930, the Palace became known as the “RKO Palace” (Radio-Keith-Orpheum), and began showing movies as well as hosting live entertainment.

How many leaflets does a Buckeye leaf have?


The Ohio buckeye is Ohio State’s symbol and is also Ohio’s state tree. Each leaf on a tree is made of up five leaflets.

What year did the Columbus Italian Fest begin?


Since 1980, the Columbus Italian fest has celebrated with food, entertainment and Italian culture.

What Ohio college was the first interracial university in the U.S.?

Oberlin College

Oberlin College, founded in 1833, was the first interracial and coeducational college in the United States

T/F: The average age of Columbus residents is between 24-27.


The average age of Columbus, Ohio residents has hovered between 30-33 years old for nearly 10 years, making our city one of the top ten youngest cities in the U.S.!

What was located on the grounds of North Market before it was developed?


From 1813-1873, the current location of the North Market housed a cemetery known as the North Graveyard.

On the average, what is the wettest month of the year in Columbus?


Columbus has a humid climate, either continental or subtropical, which features hot, wet summers and cold, drier winters. Driest month: February

Columbus hosts the largest single breed horse show in the world every October. What is it called?

The All American Quarter Horse Congress

The All American Quarter Horse Congress attracts a half million visitors to each show.

In 1896, Ohio State Fair became the first fair to have what technological advancement?

Electric lighting system

The Ohio State Fair became the first fair with an electric lighting system in 1896. This made it possible to offer night-time racing.

What is the name of the actor from the popular 80s TV series ``Miami Vice`` who was born in Columbus, OH?

Philip Michael Thomas

Philip Michael Thomas was born in Columbus, Ohio and is an actor who's best known for playing the role of detective Ricardo Tubbs on the 1980s television series ``Miami Vice.``

What is the name of the stadium where the Columbus Clippers played from 1977 to 2008?

Cooper Stadium

Cooper Stadium was a baseball stadium in Columbus, Ohio and was the home of the minor league Columbus Clippers from 1977 to 2008.

What local high school did alternative pop artist Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots attend?

Worthington Christian High School

Joseph, who was initially homeschooled by his mother, attended Worthington Christian and graduated in 2005.

Which year did Ohio State win their first National Championship?


They played and beat the Indiana Hoosiers 34-21. Go Bucks!

Who was the starting quarterback for the Buckeyes in 2007?

Todd Boeckman

Troy Smith was the quarterback in 2006.

What does the word ``Gahanna`` mean?

Three creeks joining into one

The name Gahanna is derived from a Native American word for three creeks joining into one and is the former name of the Big Walnut Creek

What country band that sings ``God Bless the Broken Road`` and ``What Hurts the Most`` is from Columbus?

Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts is an American country band formed in Columbus, Ohio in 1999. It is composed of Gary LeVox, his second cousin Jay DeMarcus, and Joe Don Rooney.

In what year did Comfest get its start?


ComFest began as an OSU-area street festival back in 1972 and has grown to a three-day celebration—arguably one of the city’s most popular annual events.

Who was Ohio State University's first football coach?

Alexander S. Lilley

Official records state that Alexander Lilley coached the Ohio State team from 1890 to 1891, purportedly compiling a record of 3–5.

T/F: Columbus is in the running to host World Cup games in 2026


Columbus was not submitted to host any World Cup games in 2016. Read more here:

What year was the first Columbus Pride?


The first Pride march in Columbus, Ohio was held in June 1981. Only 200 people were in attendance, and some even wore bags over their heads to conceal their identitie

What was Ohio State University's first ``fight song?``

The “Buckeye Battle Cry”

“Buckeye Battle Cry” became the fight song for OSU in 1919 and has been a traditional song ever since. The song is sung during Script Ohio while the “I” is being dotted.

What year was the first issue of (614) Magazine published?


What is Jeni of Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream's full name?

Jeni Britton Bauer

Jeni founded Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams in 2002. Her vision of using whole ingredients and dairy from grass-pastured cows, rather than synthetic flavorings and commodity ice cream mix coupled with inspired flavors sparked the artisan ice cream movement more than a decade before it would become a top food trend.

What is the newest venture going into the North Market?


Mini-Super, a fresh food essentials grocer, will take over Little Eater Produce and Provisions’ space. Read more here:

What was the most popular major at Ohio State in Autumn 2017?


In Autumn 2017, 2226 students majored in Finance, making it the most popular. Biology was a close second with 2222 students.

What is the name of the allegedly haunted drainage tunnel that runs beneath High Street that carries the stream in Glen Echo Park to the Olentangy River?

The Gates of Hell

Nothing has never actually happened at The Gates of Hell but that doesn’t stop people from talking about what that tunnel may be capable of….

What is the name of Thurman Café's very famous and very massive burger?

The Thurmanator

Bottom bun, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, banana peppers, 12 ounce burger, bacon, cheddar, another 12 ounce burger, sautéed mushrooms & onions, ham, mozzarella & American cheese, top bun served with fries and a pickle spear

What is Columbus' only independent, alternative rock station?


Locally owned and operated for over 25 years, CD102.5 (formerly CD101) is Columbus only alternative rock station.

What is the name of the alleged Lake Erie sea monster?


“Bessie,” is a serpent-type monster that lives in Lake Erie, or at least it’s been sighted a lot over the last 100 years.

What four colors make up Ohio State University's brand palette?

Scarlet, gray, white, black

There's a bunch of psychology behind OSU's branding colors. To learn more, visit

What is the name of the king statue located in Brewery District?

King Gambrinus, King of beer

The drunken royalty was hoisted above the entrance of the August Wagner Brewery at 605 S. Front Street for many years. King Gambrinus has remained the mascot of the Brewery District even after the August Wagner closed in the 1970s.

Downtown Columbus is home to the world's largest....what?


Sitting next to Ohio Judicial Center in the middle of a beautiful reflecting pool in downtown Columbus is the world's largest gavel, created by Andrew Scott in 2008.

What war began the Ohio State Michigan rivalry?

Toledo War

From 1835 to 1836, the state of Ohio and the state of Michigan were engaged in a violent war over the territory that separated them: Toledo.

What year was the iconic, cable-stayed suspension bridge on Lane Avenue built?


The cable-stayed suspension bridge carrying Lane Avenue over the Olentangy River was opened five months ahead of schedule with a festive ribbon cutting ceremony on November 14, 2003

Who was the first mayor of Columbus?

John Brooks

In 1834, Columbus residents elected John Brooks as its first mayor.

How many steps is the process of folding the Ohio flag?

17 steps

The 17 folds symbolize that Ohio was the 17th state admitted to the Union.

What famous American restaurateur, author, game show host, television, blonde bombshell, and eater was born in Columbus, OH?

Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri's birth name was actually Ferry, an Americanized version of his grandparents' surname Fieri, which he adopted in 1995.

What professional golfer founded Muirfield Village Golf Club?

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus had a dream to build a course in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio and on May 27, 1974, it became a reality.

What is Capital University's mascot?


Capital University is the oldest university in Central Ohio and is one of the oldest and largest Lutheran-affiliated universities in North America.

How tall are the corn cob statues in the Dublin, Ohio public art installation?


The public art display features 109 ears of 8-foot-tall corn. It’s a tribute and celebration of Sam Frantz, who invented hybrid corn species.

What offbeat Columbus parade celebrates “liberty and lunacy?``

Doo Dah Parade

This wacky parade takes place every July (usually the fourth) and creates a rather bizarre spectacle.

True or false: Columbus is home to the first ever high school


Indianola Junior High School in Columbus, Ohio, opened on September 7, 1909. It was the first JUNIOR high school.

What is the name of the oldest gorilla to live in captivity?


Colo was born at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium on December 22, 1956. She was the first gorilla to be born in captivity. Colo passed away last year and is recorded as the oldest captive gorilla.

What is Ohio's state reptile?

Black Racer (snake)

In 1995, the Ohio Legislature made the Black Racer Ohio's official reptile due to the snake's prevalence in the state.

What 3 Ohio cities does the ``3c Highway`` connect?

Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati

The 3c highway also known as state route 3, runs southwest from Cleveland through Columbus to Cincinnati.

What is Ohio's state flower?

Scarlet Carnation

Ohio's adopted state flower, the scarlet carnation, was approved to memorialize William McKinley who was known for sporting a red carnation on his jacket for good luck.

What does the word ``Ohio`` mean?

``Great river``

Ohio got its name from the Iroquois word, “O-Y-O,” meaning “great river.” The Iroquois Indians had begun to settle between the Ohio River and Great Lakes by 1650, although it is estimated that only a few hundred lived in present-day Ohio during any one period

How many halls of fame are located in Ohio?


Pro Football Hall of Fame, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, National Barber Museum and Hall of Fame, Ohio Harness Racing Hall of Fame, Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame and Museum, Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame, Ohio Women's Hall of Fame, and Classical Music Hall of Fame

True of false: ATMs were invented in Ohio


The ATM was invented by British inventor John Shepherd-Barron and was built and installed in London first. However, Ohio native James Ritty invented the cash register in 1878.

What was the name of the first organized baseball club in Columbus?

Buckeye Baseball Club of Columbus

The first team organized club in central Ohio was the Buckeye Baseball Club of Columbus in March of 1866.

What fraternity rings the Ohio State University victory bell?

Alpha Pi Omega fraternity

After every victory, the Alpha Pi Omega fraternity rings a bell that hangs in the southeast tower of Ohio Stadium for 15-30 minutes. This tradition goes all the way back to Oct. 2, 1954 and the bell weighs almost 2,500 pounds and can be heard from 5 miles away!

What is Columbus' oldest brewpub?

Barley's Brewing

According to Barley's Brewing Facebook, they are the oldest brewpub having been established in 1992.

Does Ohio have its own state pledge?


“I salute the flag of the state of Ohio and pledge to the Buckeye State respect and loyalty.”

When did Schmidt's first open in German Village?


Opening the J. Fred Schmidt Meat Packing House in 1886 in the heart of German Village, Schmidt’s became Central Ohio’s most well known name in meats and is to this day sold in leading grocery stores around the country.

When did the Columbus Blue Jackets first join the NHL?


On October 7, 2000, CBJ played their first game ever, losing 5–3 to the Chicago Blackhawks at Nationwide Arena.

How many presidents were born in Ohio?


Ulysses S. Grant (18th), Rutherford B. Hayes (19th), James A. Garfield (20th), Benjamin Harrison (23rd), William McKinley (25th), William H. Taft (27th), Warren G. Harding (29th)

When did the first Brutus Buckeye mascot debut?


In 1965, Ohio State University students Ray Bourhis and Sally Huber Lanyon had one simple goal: sneak a large papier-mache buckeye into Ohio Stadium and unveil it at the homecoming game. It was an instant hit.

What burger chain got its start in Columbus, OH?


The very first Wendy’s restaurant opened on East Broad Street in November 1969. Today, the franchise is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus.

How many counties are in Ohio?


Ohio has 88 counties, which is a lot less than Texas' 254 and substantially more than Delaware's three.

What is the tallest building in Columbus and how many stories is it?

Rhodes State Office Tower

Coming in at 629 feet and 41 stories high, the Rhodes State Office Tower is not only the tallest building in Columbus, but the 5th tallest building in the state.

What nickname did Columbus earn for the popular features in the Short North?

Arch City

Dozens of wooden and metal arches that spanned multiple streets at the turn of the 20th century used to power streetcars and provide electricity for streetlights until they were torn down in 1914. Columbus restored metal facsimiles of the historical arches in the city's Short North district in 2002.

What famous author of a spooky chapter books series was born in Columbus?

R.L. Stine

R.L. Stine was born Robert Lawrence Stine in Columbus, Ohio, on October 8, 1943. Stine began writing stories at the age of 9, using an old typewriter that he found.

Who was the two-time Heisman trophy winner at Ohio State?

Archie Griffin

This Buckeye sweetheart won the Heisman back-to-back in 1974 and 1975.

What is Ohio's state rock song?

``Hang on Sloopy``

In 1985, Ohio approved ``Hang on Sloopy`` as the state's official rock song. This came after Joe Dirck, a columnist for the Columbus Citizen-Journal, wrote a column about the State of Washington considering the adoption of its own rock song.

What is Ohio's state drink?

Tomato juice

In 1965, the Ohio General Assembly made tomato juice Ohio's official beverage. Adoption of an official beverage coincided with the Tomato Festival held in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

What was Ohio's first capital?


Chillicothe served as Ohio's capital from 1803- 1810, when state government moved to Zanesville. The capital returned to Chillicothe two years later, only to move to Columbus, forty-five miles to the north, in 1816

What was the first concert held at Nationwide Arena?

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Nationwide Arena opened its doors in September, 2000 with the nation's only two-night performance of the sold-out ``Soul to Soul`` tour featuring Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

How many undisputed championships have the Ohio State Buckeyes won?


Six titles are undisputed for Ohio State: 1942, 1954, 1957, 1968, 2002 and 2014. The two up for debate are 1961 and 1970 and while OSU claims all eight, not everyone agrees.

What popular olympian was born in Columbus, Oh?

Simone Biles

Born on March 14, 1997, Biles was raised by her grandparents as her mother suffered from substance abuse. She did not let the adversity stop her—she went on to become the most decorated gymnast in U.S. history.

What percentage of the U.S. population lives within 500 miles of Columbus?

About 50%

Of all the metropolitan areas in North America, Columbus has access to the highest percentage of the country's population within 500 miles. This among a few other key facts is why Columbus is home to so many company headquarters.

What river runs near downtown Columbus?

Scioto River

The Scioto River is a major river in central and southern Ohio. Its headwaters are located in Auglaize County. The river then flows to Columbus and then in a southerly direction to Portsmouth, where it flows into the Ohio River. “Scioto” is an American Indian word meaning “deer.”

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Arts & Culture

Virtual Experiences bring culture to our couch




Now that we're all stuck at home for the foreseeable future, we could use some entertainment beyond hours of Netflix bingeing. And yes, Carole probably did it*

WOSU Public Media has come to the rescue by putting together a list of local, virtual experiences to enjoy from the safety and comfort of your bunker. Here's a list of just a few upcoming events ranging from music to the arts.

Sunday, March 29
Columbus Symphony’s Russian Winter Festival – The Columbus Symphony broadcasts its Russian Winter Festival ll concert, featuring masterpieces by Prokofiev, Borodin, Rimski-Korsakov, and Tchaikovsky at 1 p.m. on Classical 101.

Columbus Goes Live – The Cyber Festival –  A virtual entertainment experience streaming across different pages to support local performers who are directly impacted by the critical shutdowns of venues during the COVID-19 outbreak. Join in and make history by supporting your favorite bands, comedians and performers in the Columbus area.

Why not a virtual bar?

Brewdog is even getting in on the act with its upcoming, Brewdog Online Bar. They plan to "open" for business at 6pm on Friday, March 27th. The bar plans to feature live beer tastings with our co-founders James and Martin and other beer experts, homebrew masterclasses, live music & comedy and more.

Brewdog will be sharing further details soon and a complete schedule of the events on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

*Carole, as in this Carole.

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Things To Do

8 things to do this week that don’t involve human contact

614now Staff



It is a strange time to be alive, Columbus. With the concerns and cases of coronavirus on the rise, you may be feeling worried, fearful, and/or unsure of what to do.

In addition to washing your hands to protect you from the virus, you may want to consider being more of an inside person this week. To curb cabin fever, consider these eight activities to keep you occupied indoors.

Plan a getaway

Once the threat of coronavirus is over, which Gov. Mike DeWine assured would happen in yesterday's address, you'll be ready to get the hell out of Columbus. Consider planning a trip to one of the Scarlet Oaks cabins, Gervasi Vineyard in Canton, Yellowsprings, or the birthplace of bourbon!

Schedule a whacky road trip

Already have a vacation on the books and worked into your budget? No problem! Opt for a cheaper, shorter adventure with one of the destinations highlighted in our Worth The Drive series: Buckeye Express Diner in Bellville, Kewpee Hamburgers in Lima, Cincinnati's Hathaway's Diner, Dietsch Brothers chocolate in Findlay, and Waldo’s G&R Tavern.

Test your Columbus knowledge

You're sick of all your board games and you hate the idea of spending another weekend in front of the tube. Liven up your entertainment with Columbus trivia! What is the hottest month on average? What is Hilliard's median household income? What year did the Kahiki close? See how well you know your fine city.

Binge local podcasts

Not only do podcasts entertain, inform, and engage you, they're also great to binge while multitasking. Podcast + mopping the kitchen? No problem. Podcast + walking the dog? Easy. Podcast + julienning veggies? Careful… but definitely possible. Be sure to support local podcasters! We're sure you can find something that'll pique your interest in the list below.

Get hooked on knitting

What better time to dive into your hobby than a worldwide viral outbreak? And though cold weather is almost completely behind us, it's never too early to get a jumpstart on those Christmas gifts. Click the button below to learn more about where to find materials and resources.

Explore the pasta-bilities of a home-cooked meal

You’re probably hungry after all that knitting. Flex on the fam by whipping up a delectable home-cooked Italian meal. You'll have to slip out of the house to grab your groceries from famed local market Carfagna’s, but trust us, it'll be worth it.

Get hyped for Ohio State Buckeyes 2020-21 season

With no spring game to rev your engine pre-season, you may be feeling a Buckeyes football void right about now. To help plug it until the opener against Bowling Green on Sept. 5, check out old Ohio State hype videos below. O-H!

Read the latest issue of (614) Magazine

The physical copies of the March issue of (614) Magazine are flying off the racks, but you don't have to go out into the world to read it. To learn more about the Columbus esport revolution, the latest food and drink news, and other updates in the community, click the button below to read the digital issue.

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Things To Do

Listen Local: 10 Columbus podcasts to binge

Regina Fox



The thing with binging TV is that you have to be using two senses at once to be engaged: sight and hearing. That really cuts down on the possibilities of getting other things done simultaneously. But, podcasts on the other hand require only one sense—hearing—so the productivity possibilities are exponentially greater.

Podcast + mopping the kitchen? No problem. Podcast + walking the dog? Easy. Podcast + julienning veggies? Careful... but definitely possible.

That, plus the power of spoken word has the ability to inform, entertain, and inspire you unlike any other media.

Now that we've presented a great case for podcasts, consider subscribing to one made right here in Columbus.

The Rock Doc Chronicles

Interviews, Current Events, Entertainment

Being the on-call doctor to some of your favorite musical acts comes with a lot of stories. Dr Randy Sharma (@rockdocohio) sits down with some of his famous patients to discuss whatever comes to mind.

Ohio v. The World

Culture, History, Places & Travel

An Ohio History podcast, hosted by Alex Hastie.

Rogue Squadron Podcast

Culture, Entertainment, Hobbies

Star Wars Comedy, craft beer, gaming, and more. It’s the rowdiest podcast in the galaxy!


Culture, Entertainment, Self-Help

Columbus, Ohio moms Mindy Drayer, Mikaela Hunt, and Stacy McKay discuss everything relating to being moms and parenting on weekly installments of the Momcast.

Columbus' Entrepreneurs' Podcast

Business, Entrepreneur

Columbus Entrepreneurs’ Podcast is primarily for members of the Columbus, Ohio chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). The stories are inspiring and focus on core principles of EO, including speaking from experience instead of advice giving, building peer learning experiences, and focusing on the top and bottom 5% of our lives.


Entertainment, Hobbies

Chatimals is the nature podcast where information meets imagination. Each episode covers one kind of animal with an eye out for all the goofy, surprising animal facts.

The Sounds of Bustown

Culture, Entertainment, Music

A bi-weekly podcast featuring interviews about the musical creation process with people in the music scene in Columbus, OH.

Thrive and Connect

Culture, Self-Help

How to live your life in a more genuine, simpler manner and develop abundance in all aspects – yourself, family & friends, and business relationships.

Columbus! Something New

Culture, Entertainment, Places & Travel

Why do we do what we do? Why does C!SN exist?

  • To introduce listeners to local entrepreneurs and big thinkers
  • To be a conduit between community and events, museums, and new experiences
  • To be a value to entrepreneurs as we broadcast them to the world
  • To be a value to listeners as we expand their world and bring them new ideas

The Digital Analytics Power Hour

Business, Technology

Each episode is a closed topic and an open forum – the goal is for listeners to enjoy listening to Michael and Tim share their thoughts and experiences and hopefully take away something to try at work the next day.

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