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Ohio Governor: Sports may proceed with a catch

Ohio Governor: Sports may proceed with a catch

Lori Schmidt

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced Tuesday that both contact and non-contact sports may proceed this fall, but crowds will be limited to family and loved ones of the athletes. 

He argued that it’s the best way to protect young people from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I would just express the hope that the desire to have a season will inspire our young people, our athletes, our student-athletes, 24/7 to be as careful as they can,” DeWine said. 


“It’s important to remember that our student-athletes have been practicing and training with others for weeks and even months, and it has gone well,” added OHSAA Interim Executive Director Bob Goldring upon receiving the go-ahead. “So we believe they deserve the chance to move forward, and that the high school space is also different than the collegiate space.”

It’s not just attendance that will be limited. 

OHSAA rosters sizes are being capped too–only 60 players will be able to dress for a team in football, 22 in soccer, 22 in field hockey, and 15 in volleyball. 

Additionally, marching bands or pep bands will only be allowed to perform at home contests. 

The Ohio high school football season kicks off Aug. 24.

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