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Tandem makes childcare easy for Central Ohio families

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tandem, a locally-owned and operated neighborhood concierge service, partnered with OhioHealth to help front-line workers obtain childcare. The partnership allowed its essential employees the opportunity to find reliable sitters—at a time when the world was anything but. 

This is just one of the many ways that Tandem goes above and beyond for families. Tandem’s goal is to provide the most reliable connections between families and childcare providers, and they do it at no cost to families or providers, while meeting each provider’s and family’s requirements through an incredibly user-friendly and flexible platform.


CEO Olivia Weinstock says the Tandem platform makes it very simple to make exceptional matches for families, regardless of their needs.  

“One of the most important things about our model is the curated matching process,” she said. “Our goal from Day One was to only show families the providers who met their exact needs, including price, availability, age, education, specific qualifications, and more. We really understand each profile from both sides and match them up that way.”

Sarah Fortin, a Bexley resident and Tandem user, said she was thrilled with the quality of sitters Tandem has connected her with. 

“We started looking for childcare when my twins were born and tried another popular site,” she said. “The quality of sitters was underwhelming and inconsistent. Applicants wouldn’t show up for the interview or would be questionable.”

Roshini Mathew, another local Tandem user, said she too was relieved by the ease of the matching process, which includes a simple request form to fill out. 

“They do the background check for me and I find the person I need for what I am looking for,” she said. 

Additionally, Mathew said she loves that she can book the same sitter over and over or find a new one. “I’ve used Tandem quite a lot in the last year,” she said. “We have used 6 or 7 sitters and they have all been really great.”

Photo by Jen Brown

Weinstock said parents really love using the Tandem platform for payment because it takes the guesswork out of the transaction. No need to figure out how many hours your sitter worked and think about payment. It’s done for you. Users can pay at any time and the process is seamless and free.

“Using TandemPay is something anyone can do, whether using our platform for services or not,” Weinstock said. “We are responsible for all taxes for the providers, and families do not have to track how much they pay over the course of the year. They can simply download financial reports from the platform.”

Mathew agrees with that sentiment.

“Payment is really great. Usually, I don’t have cash on me, and I like that everything is done electronically because it’s more transparent,” she said. “It tells me exactly how many hours a sitter has stayed and then I can make an electronic payment from my checking account. The sitter gets a debit card and the money all goes to them. I love it and the sitters seem to too!”

Weinstock said Tandem will continue its work to make their business the simplest and most convenient pay platform out there, and she is proud that her company is able to help so many local families, especially during these difficult times. 

“It was a lifesaver to really be able to find someone to help take care of our children during COVID,” Fortin said. “Having the app reminds me when I need to pay our sitter and not having to think about how much to pay, and when—having that simplicity is very helpful.” 

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