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Here’s how OSU is fixing the issues at Ohio Stadium

Here’s how OSU is fixing the issues at Ohio Stadium

Jack McLaughlin

The Buckeyes’ on-field performance wasn’t the only issue last weekend at Ohio Stadium.

Fans experienced gate entry delays and concessions issues (among others) during the Buckeyes’ clash with Oregon on Sept. 11. In a statement issued yesterday, the school has announced several new game-day procedures to improve fan experiences.


“There were entry issues this past Saturday during the Oregon game, the first 100,000-plus crowd in Ohio Stadium in 657 days because of the COVID pandemic,” a statement from the Ohio State Department of Athletics reads. “Delays at some gates were caused by WiFi connectivity, staffing numbers and the learning curve with the new ticket pedestal scanners.”

The school plans to introduce additional staffing and more metal detectors, in addition to other tweaks. Here’s a full list of what the school plans to change, according to their statement.

  • Securing additional engineering support on site from the department’s WiFi partner to monitor and manage all of the connections that come through the access points in the stadium.
  • Adding 27 more pedestal ticket scanners to a handful of gates that experienced the heaviest traffic along with 27 additional staff members. There will now be 147 pedestal scanners at Ohio Stadium.
  • Distributing 80 additional hand-held ticket scanners to the gates for use as backup scanners.
  • Increasing the number of metal detectors at the South Stands gates, adding additional police officers and stadium security to this location and revising the layout for scanning and entry.
  • Hard-wiring the concession registers to better accommodate mobile ordering and to remain online, and increase the number of concessions workers.
  • Continuing to educate and communicate the new protocols and changes this week through social media, media relations and other avenues.

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