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Staff Picks: May 2021

Staff Picks: May 2021

614now Staff

Our staff picks

The (614) May issue is all about 2021’s ColumBEST—the poll where YOU vote on the best of everything in Columbus. So we asked our staffers, from food to entertainment, what do you think is the BEST thing about Columbus?

Here is the Slack discussion that ensued:

We have to pick just one?
— Stephanie West, Editor-In-Chief

14th largest city in the country with Ohio
State in our backyard? Awesome. Also: Tai’s
Asian Bistro.
— Travis Burson, Account Executive

I just really love how reasonable the rental
prices here are for homes. I’m kidding, of
— Sarah Sole, Asst./Digital Editor

The best thing about Cbus is that we have it
all! Great food, great sports, great activities,
and all my friends + family are right here!
— Jaime North, Graphic Designer

I love the food scene and the night life!
— Justynne Pride, Marketing Assistant

Uh, Guy Fieri? Maybe?
— Juston Remotap, Senior Creative Designer

Not this.
— Jaime North

“Loved Not This”
— Travis Burson

I’ll second Guy Fieri.
— Maddy Van Buren, Video Field Producer/Editor

I love that you’re never more than a mile
away from an under-construction luxury
apartment complex.
— Jayci Haase, Director of Marketing

Is anyone’s favorite color orange? I feel like
there’s a good joke in there about all the
construction cones everywhere
— Juston Remotap

Ohio’s state flower—orange traffic cones.
— Travis Burson


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