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Primitive Charm: ACS Getaways cabins walk the line between comfort and rusticity

Primitive Charm: ACS Getaways cabins walk the line between comfort and rusticity

Jack McLaughlin

With 15 beds, an on-site swimming pool, a saltwater hot tub, a game room, a detached bunkhouse, and custom, artisan-crafted furniture, The Hillside is your log cabin vacation, leveled up. 

First available for rent this past spring in the village of Butler, The Hillside was the initial vacation property available from ACS Getaways—a line of premium rental cabins from the owners of lauded Columbus woodworkers A Carpenter’s Son. Now, ACS has a brand new property it’s getting ready to unveil: The Lodge, a decidedly more understated option just five minutes away from The Hillside, is opening later this month. Both properties are about 10 miles southeast from Mansfield, on the border of the Mohican-Memorial State Forest. 

Photo by Maddie Schroeder

“One of the things we pride ourselves on is how our furniture brings people together,” Owner Josh Scheutzow said. “Now we’re working on places that bring people together.”


While A Carpenter’s Son has provided expert woodwork for North Market Bridge Park and the Field, the same passion for furniture has been extended to the ACS Getaways cabins. The Hillside’s centerpiece is the 20-person table A Carpenter’s Son crafted from a single piece of walnut. 

Though it’s only five minutes away from The Hillside, The Lodge feels like it’s a world away from the chic opulence of The Hillside.

“Think cool, tucked-away, rustic ski lodge vibes,” Scheutzow said of the 900 square-foot hideaway, which is less than one-fifth the size of its counterpart.

According to Scheutzow, the previous owners of the cabin were an off-the-grid Alaskan couple. And you don’t have to look hard to find their fingerprints on the property. Adorning one of the cabin’s doorways: the enormous stuffed head of a long-dead caribou.

“From what he told us, the guy literally shot it out of the window of his cabin in Alaska,” Scheutzow said. “He had a huge stuffed grizzly bear inside, too. We didn’t get to keep that one though.”

The ultimate plan, Scheutzow said, is to continue rolling out new properties. He’s open to expanding anywhere in the state, and to taking on cabins of all shapes and sizes. This way, there’s a place for everyone, no matter what your idea of vacation happens to be.

“If your idea of getting away is being surrounded by woods and solitude, I love it. But if your definition of outdoors is a posh cabin with a hot tub, I love that, too,” Scheutzow said. “But any way we can facilitate bringing families together, creating memories, and getting people outside, that’s why we’re doing this.”

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