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Grab some funnel cake fries or a cheesecake shake at this new Columbus sweets shop

Grab some funnel cake fries or a cheesecake shake at this new Columbus sweets shop

Jack McLaughlin

Ice cream nachos, funnel cake fries, belgian waffle ice cream sandwiches, and a milkshake shake with an entire slice of strawberry cheesecake perched on top: While these outlandishly-delicious sounding treats might seem all too good to be true, at the newly-reopened Libby Lou’s Fun Factory, they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

And if you’ve never heard of the Clintonville-based candy shop that feels a bit like it’s been plucked from the mind of Willy Wonka himself, you’re not alone. At least for now.

Previously known as Pinkalicious Parties, the shop rebranded before opening in full last fall at 30390 Indianola Ave. Unfortunately, major plumbing issues and COVID-19 forced them to close again until early this month.


But now it’s all systems go for what might be the most inventive sweets seller in all of Columbus.

“You hear your parents talk about the candy store around the corner they used to go to as a kid, where they made so many great memories growing up. We want to be that candy store for kids in Columbus today,” said owner Tara Becker. “We want to be a place where people make these great memories.”

Libby Lou’s offers a wild list of treats that range from ice cream entrees to a side menu of carnival-inspired sweets (funnel cake fries, cotton candy, and churros).

What Becker considers to be Libby Lou’s speciality, however, is their line of Extreme Shakes. These are offered in nearly 25 different flavors, such as Birthday Cake (ice cream topped with a cream-filled pastry, sprinkles, whipped cream, and caramel corn) and Super Fudge Brownie (chocolate ice cream served with a bevy of chocolate chips and a whole fudge brownie and chocolate toaster pastry on top).

“Everything on the menu was hand-picked by me or my children; all of them mean something to us, because that’s what we’re trying to share,” Becker said.


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