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Healing Garden Café offers full slate of herbal wellness teas

Healing Garden Café offers full slate of herbal wellness teas


A tea enthusiast since she was a child, Brenda Thomas found herself drawn to herbal medicine later in life, particularly to aid her son during asthmatic episodes. She not only blended her love of tea and study of herbal medicine into an exciting esoteric pop-up cafe, The Healing Garden Café

“In 2015 I decided to go all-in—I started buying herbs, studying them and trying different blends.  The world needed something that wasn’t loaded with artificial fillers or flavors and vegan,” Thomas said. “The first tea I made was Sip & Glow. On July 23, 2019, I stepped out on faith and opened [The Healing Garden Café] selling only tea, then as time went on I added other healing balms and energy healing.”


From Sip & Glow—an organic loose leaf concoction that blends chickweed, dandelion, dried fruit and more—came a full catalog of tea products that encourage good energy and revitalization. Following her studies, Thomas implemented the use of over fifty different herbs as part of The Healing Garden Café, from burdock root to Gotu kola. The café menu also alternates to reflect the changing seasons: Autumn Equinox Tea–enhanced with anise, cinnamon, clove and ginger–is regularly offered during the fall. 

Through her work with a wide variety of herbs, Thomas began to believe that the Earth itself contains many antidotes for our society’s mental and physical ills.

“I found that Western medicine does not work to cure or heal, often it is just a Band-Aid for the most part and it keeps patients coming back for refills,” Thomas said. “We operate better when our auras are cleansed and free from energy that does not serve us. I have tea to boost your spirit even higher. It’s the therapy you never knew you needed.”

A Reiki practitioner and certified Life Purpose Coach, Thomas’ purpose extends well beyond preparing natural teas—she maintains high vibrations through her sister business called The Spiritual Spa. With the practice of affirmations and energy rebalancing, Thomas incorporates healing into each experience at The Spiritual Spa, including spiritual readings, sound therapy, and water manifestation, where Thomas incorporates a crystal singing bowl into the water-infused process. Through Reiki, Thomas further creates safe spaces for participants to share their vulnerabilities in order to clear emotional blocks.

“Everything is energy and healing energy comes from the Divine. Reiki is life force energy and with that, I use it when I see clients or when I make tea or any of my products. Clients usually come in when they have tried everything—their anxiety plagues them constantly or they just want to keep their auras cleansed.” Thomas said. “You experience peace when you come in, you get that pause you need. When you walk inside you can unpack your worries and fears.”

With Thomas’ gift of reading energy, The Healing Garden Café and The Spiritual Spa allow her holistic followers to flow again, encouraging them to be their own healers first. “Holistic healing changed my life, I had to share what I’ve learned with the world,” she said. “Healing comes from the Divine and the antidote is in the earth. I want to help heal the whole body, spirit and mind, not just parts.”

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