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Here’s your guide to the best kid-friendly attractions at the Ohio State Fair

Here’s your guide to the best kid-friendly attractions at the Ohio State Fair

Jack McLaughlin

In the case you’ve been living in an isolation chamber the last week, you might not know that the Ohio State Fair returned this past weekend following a two-year hiatus. 

We’ve already covered fair food for kids here, so now we’re taking a look at some of the best kid-friendly attractions to check out at the Ohio State Fair. Here’s what we found!

Animals Everywhere!

If a totally free petting zoo sounds good, how about $10 camel rides? Did we mention the stall after stall of farm animals, from cow to sheep and everything in between?

Hit the Water!

We bet you didn’t know the Ohio State Fair offers a kayaking pond. This free feature takes place in a shallow, kid-friendly pond any time during fair hours.

Get Lost in the Midwest

We’re celebrating the state of Ohio at the State Fair, so why not get immersed in it? The Discovery Pavillion offers free exhibits of Ohio wildlife, and even lets your little ones get up close and personal with crawfish. The nearby native wildflower walk lets you experience an untouched Ohio prairie as well.

Natural Resources Park

Keep your kids busy at the on-site playground, complete with a maze of oil drums or a mock truck, or let them check out the park’s display tent and yurt to get a feel for the outdoors. Did we mention the geological walkway or the butterfly house?

Marvelous Mutts

Sometimes only a dog performing stunts is enough to break a bad mood. This show features a team of former rescue dogs that have appeared on multiple major TV networks performing a variety of different stunts and tricks.

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