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New Short North storefront offering exclusively lab-grown diamonds now open

New Short North storefront offering exclusively lab-grown diamonds now open

Jack McLaughlin

The future of diamonds is right here in the Short North. 

Céleste Created Diamonds, a new concept from the iconic Columbus company Diamond Cellar, has just opened the doors of its brand-new Short North storefront. Located at 765 N. High St., Céleste offers exclusively lab-grown diamonds, which are chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds for a fraction of the price—the only difference is their origin. 

“We make luxury that used to be unattainable, affordable,” said Courtney Laub, Chief Brand Officer of Céleste Created Diamonds. “We want that sparkling jewelry box to be for everyone.” 

Self-purchasing is on the rise and diamonds aren’t just for special occasions anymore. 

“People realize they don’t need to wait for someone else to buy them that tennis bracelet they’ve been eyeing, or even a ring. And created diamonds aren’t just less expensive, they’re more sustainable than mined diamonds,” Laub added.

Patrons can browse from hundreds of styles of lab-grown diamond jewelry. Whether it’s fashion-focused jewelry or engagement rings, Céleste has you covered. And while Céleste itself is a new concept, Columbus-based Diamond Cellar has been a Central Ohio fixture since 1947.

“I think we are excited to be in the Short North, in a different part of town,” Laub said. “We’re in Dublin and Easton, but it’s nice to have a chance to serve our customers who live closer to Downtown, to be in their neighborhood.”

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