Saddle up: a trot through Columbus’ equestrian community and more awaits in the newest issue of ‘Refined’

Jack McLaughlin

The third issue of Refined has arrived, and it’s done so on horseback. The issue’s cover story takes a deep-dive into the history and culture of Columbus equestrian, from the old days of the New Albany Classic to the sports’ contemporary iterations with the Play Polo Club and more.

In addition, the issue tells the story of Paul Gelpi and Rose Spangler–the so-called “Kind and Queen of Fur”–and their temperature controlled “fur vault” that helps the duo care for fur pieces, and even repurpose those in less-than ideal condition into a variety of stuffed toys, from pandas and rabbits to classic Teddy bears.

The new Refined also includes a pair of perfect holiday table-scapes–and how to emulate each– in addition to recipes, tips for local luxury leather goods and much more.

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