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614 Feast picks his top five Columbus sandwiches

614 Feast picks his top five Columbus sandwiches

Anthony O'Connell

Columbus, Ohio is a haven for sandwich aficionados, we have a variety of unique and mouth watering options. This week, I’m diving into five feast-worthy sandwiches that stand out in the crowd. Have you had the pleasure of trying all five?

Katzinger’s Delicatessen (475 S 3rd St)

A German Village classic, the Katzinger’s Reuben has been their best-selling sandwich since the day they opened in 1984. Top-tier ingredients including perfectly cooked, hot corned beef that melts in your mouth. High-quality supporting ingredients: sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, house-made Russian dressing, all grilled on rye.

Los Agavez Taqueria (3166 N High St)

Their Tortas are such a feast they could be renamed Los Agavez Tortaria, that’s how much I like their fresh and delicious “Torta Milanesa”. Golden brown, juicy chicken that’s breaded and cooked to order. Avocado, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, cheese, and refried beans, all on the telera bread!

Meshikou Chikin (1504 Bethel Rd).

The Chikin Sandwich is a juicy chicken thigh that’s been brined in a secret buttermilk mix and hand-breaded with a crispy House Blend breading. Topped with thick-cut dill pickles and Kewpie mayo, all on a toasted, brioche bun. Though hearty enough for two meals, I always manage to finish it in one.

COLO Market & Oyster Bar (6750 Longshore St).

Lobster Roll Sliders, a seafood feast. Two lobster sliders, which can be ordered Maine style (cold with mayo), Connecticut style (warm with butter), or one of each! I’ve always loved both styles of lobster rolls, and deciding between the two used to be a dilemma, not anymore!

Hoggy’s BBQ (830 Bethel Rd).

The decadent Brisket Queso Sandwich. Tender, juicy, smoked brisket, smoked gouda queso, house-made bacon jam, and served on a garlic butter grilled bun. Fun foodie fact: I actually helped create it. A couple of years ago, I was at Hoggy’s and the owner was asking me for my opinions, and I gave my feedback as well as a pitch for a smoked queso brisket sandwich.

Feasting for a Good Cause

Let’s also take a moment to contribute to a cause close to home. I’m thrilled to share that the Ohio Lottery’s TV game show, Cash Explosion, is extending their efforts beyond creating thrills and winning moments. I’m a part of the in-studio entertainment for the show, and I witness amazing Ohioans bring in non-perishable food items to every taping. In collaboration with the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks, Cash Explosion is collecting these items for local food banks. The show is recorded at Mills James in Hilliard, two days every month. For more information on how you can participate, click here.


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