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Anticipated BBQ joint opens first brick and mortar location in Polaris area

Anticipated BBQ joint opens first brick and mortar location in Polaris area

Jack McLaughlin

Just like their wood fire-smoked barbecue, Martiny’s Barbecue took the low and slow approach to its first brick and mortar home. And now we can finally dig in.

According to owner Mike Martiny, the concept held the grand opening of its first restaurant yesterday. Martiny’s is located at 5808 Columbus Pike in Lewis Center, in the former home of The Porch Ohio, a Venezuelan eatery that pivoted to an all-online business model in September, and a previous Pizza Cottage location.

Martiny’s took over the unique, log cabin-inspired storefront several weeks after The Porch announced it would close its sole storefront last fall.


“We were really lucky to get that space,” Martiny said. “Not only is it in Lewis Center, where our food truck has been for the last year and a half, there were about 20 other people that wanted it. We all agreed that barbecue makes sense for that location; it even looks like a barbecue restaurant.”

The concept first opened during the pandemic, according to Martiny, using only a $20 meat smoker.

Without a limited number of indoor seats, the new eatery will serve primarily as a carryout barbecue spot, but does also offer an arcade counsel and a small space for kids. Martiny has embraced the idea of being able to get your food and be out the door in a timely manner, even if he can’t rush the cooking process itself.

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