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The best cookie in all of Ohio is at a Columbus local bakery, according to food publication

The best cookie in all of Ohio is at a Columbus local bakery, according to food publication

Sav McKee

It might surprise you – in a world full of crazy cookies, piled high with icing and decorations, the best one in Ohio is on the simpler, more traditional side, but it’s actually vegan. And it’s also right here in Columbus.

Lovefood, a food publication known for recipes and reviews, sought out to find the best cookie in every state in the United States. Based on first-hand experience, genuine reviews, and awards & accolades, they found that the best cookie in all of Ohio is the Classic Tollhouse Cookie made at Pattycake Bakery.

Pattycake’s Classic Tollhouse Cookie might look simple, but it’s anything but. “Just like your grandma used to make, but better,” their website boasts. It’s chock full of chocolate chips and walnut chunks, and there’s even tofu in it!


“The worker-owned Pattycake Bakery is the place to go if you’re after cookies baked with a lot of love, no animal products, and with as many organic ingredients as possible…Sucanat (natural sugarcane sugar with unremoved molasses) is used instead of brown sugar, for a more balanced sweetness and lovely golden color,” Lovefood says.

Pattycake Bakery has been a proud member of the Columbus community for the past twenty years, perfecting their vegan baking craft and sharing it with us all. Their bakery is located at 3870 North High St., and you can walk and grab some goods Wednesday- Friday, 9 am – 5:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday, 10 am – 4:00 pm.

If you’re allergic to nuts, try their classic chocolate chip cookie instead.

I definitely know where I’m purchasing some holiday cookies from this year!

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