This Columbus pizzeria has a ranch dressing fountain

Jack McLaughlin

Central Ohio takes ranch dressing very seriously. So much so that a popular Columbus pizzeria has made the popular condiment into a dining room centerpiece. Literally.

Mikey’s Late Night Slice is home to the only ranch fountain in Columbus (that we know about, at least). 

According to Mikey’s partner Jason Biundo, the fountain isn’t a permanent fixture at any Mikey’s location, but is typically utilized for special events, such as the recent launch of Hot Mikey’s Takeover, the annual partnership between the pizza spot and Hot Chicken Takeover.


If you’re curious about the fountain’s provenance, we have answers. Biundo said that the sauce fountain is actually a repurposed fondue fountain.

“Its specific use is for chocolate or cheese, I believe. But since the heat is an option that can be turned off, we’ve found it’s perfect for times like these,” he said.

According to Biundo, Mikey’s has actually gone through several fountains throughout the years.

While the fountain most recently held ranch dressing, it’s also been used to display Mikey’s signature Unicorn Sauce at special events and vendor displays. The fountain is often set up alongside a Unicorn Sauce display at various Columbus Kroger locations to push sales of the sauce as well, so the next time you’re grocery shopping, make sure to keep a piece of pizza or two in your pocket. Just in case. 

Photo courtesy of Mikey’s Late Night Slice

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