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We rounded up a few of the best spots for dog-loving coffee enthusiasts to visit this summer

We rounded up a few of the best spots for dog-loving coffee enthusiasts to visit this summer

Sav McKee

While dogs may be a “man’s best friend,” they’re still prohibited from entering numerous establishments in Columbus. This makes it especially difficult to choose between bringing your dog on a walk or getting a coffee during the stroll, and not everyone feels at ease tying their pet up on a busy sidewalk.

Thankfully, there are a few coffee shops that alleviate this dilemma of choosing between a caffeine kick or the company of our beloved four-legged friends. With options like walk-up windows or curbside pick-up, you’ll never feel the guilt of leaving Fido at home again. 

Here’s three places where you can go:

Morning Ritual at the Downtown Location of The Goat

Their walk-up window makes bringing your fur baby along easier than ever. Meander downtown together, and then grab some cold brew and an affordable breakfast sandwich without ever having to step inside. You can opt to take your goods to-go or settle in on their dog-friendly outdoor patio.

Photo taken at The Goat

Pistacia Vera 

Indulge in award-winning pastries with an iced strawberry matcha latte, but choose curbside pick-up so that you don’t have to venture inside. Savor your treats on their Parisian inspired patio with your loyal sidekick, and if they’re being good, let them have a bite of your macaron! We won’t tell.


The Sycamore

German Village is an ideal neighborhood for a dog-walk, and it’s now even better with the convenience of The Sycamore’s coffee walk-up window. You can order your croissant, cappuccino, or a full brunch, all without stepping inside. Then head over to their flower-lined patio with your canine companion and soak in the ambiance together.

Photo from The Sycamore’s Instagram

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