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Columbus daycare turns 30; Shares funniest kid-related stories from the last three decades

Columbus daycare turns 30; Shares funniest kid-related stories from the last three decades

Jack McLaughlin

Even for those of us with kids, what actually goes on day-to-day in daycares across the country is something we’re not privy to. Until now.

As Hugs-n-Hearts ELC turns 30 (it first opened in April of 1994), owner and director, Pam O’Brien, recalled some of the daycare’s funniest moments, conversations and more for 614Now.

“Working with children is amazingly rewarding, but comes with a unique set of challenges,” she said. “One of the things that keeps us going are the funny, heartwarming, or unexpected things that the kids say!  Here are some of our favorites.”

-4 year-old boy apologizing for hurting 4 year old girl: “I’m sorry.  What can I do to make you feel better?”
-4 year-old Girl: (puts hands on hips and cocks head to side) “Flowers and chocolates, because that’s what Daddy has to get mommy when he is in trouble.”

Follow Up: the child went home and drew her a picture of flowers and chocolates to bring her the next day!

A Little Body Humor
“Excuse me, that was just my booty-trumpet” 
4 year-old Girl 

Growing Up
My birthday is tomorrow and I will be 5. My mom won’t stop crying because yesterday I was a baby, now I’m 5 and tomorrow I go to college.”
4 year-old 

A Really Good Day
From a 5 year-old with some challenging behaviors and choices:
“Hey, I’m having the BEST day today!  I haven’t punched anyone in the face or showed anyone my middle thumbs!  Are you so proud of me?”

Amazing Animals
During Community Helpers week, the kids get mail from their friends and family. The teacher was reading a few aloud to the class, including one from a child’s family dog. As the teacher read the letter from the dog, two 4 year-old boys were particularly astounded. When the teacher finished, one boy turned to the other and said:

“Did you even know your dog could write?”

He responded:  “NO! I didn’t even know he could spell!”

Saving Snacks
During snack time in a toddler classroom, the teacher noticed that one little girl kept looking down at her feet. She went over to the child and asked her why she was looking at her feet instead of eating her snack. The child then proudly showed the teacher that her socks were stuffed with crackers. Her teacher asked why, and the child explained that she wasn’t hungry now so she was saving them for later. The teacher could only laugh as she helped her clean cracker crumbs out of her socks, letting her know that if she were hungry later, they could get fresh crackers!

Confidence Galore
-Teacher: “What are you going to be when you grow up?”
-6 year-old child: “I’m going to be a showstopper!”

The Sweetest Compliment
A teacher went to get a child off the bus returning from a special education program. This teacher has beaten breast cancer this year! She is post-chemo, and the kids are fascinated with her returning hair.  She was not wearing her ball cap on this particular day, and the child got off the bus and sweetly said “Hey, your hair is growing up!”


Thank you to all the teachers, school employees, and daycare workers for creating a warm and welcoming environment for our children. 

To learn more about Hugs-N-Hearts, click here.


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