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Families are loving this virtual reality video game experience in Dublin

Families are loving this virtual reality video game experience in Dublin

Sav McKee

If you’re itching for an activity that will get you and the family moving, while still staying warm inside of course, there’s a new(ish) interactive experience in Central Ohio that’s gaining buzz all over the world – one that even Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake have invested in.

This celebrity-backed concept, Sandbox VR, combines motion capture with the latest in VR hardware to “create the best VR experience on the planet,” says their website, making it different from VR you might have tried at home or at an arcade. Imagine a giant room, where you and your family and friends are gathered together, all wearing VR headsets and accessories, competing or working together in games and adventures, having nonstop fun.

Sandbox VR is located at 6737 Longshore St #130 in Dublin. Each reservation is an hour and 30 minutes long,  which includes set up and training, interactive play, and then watching video highlights.


The company ensures that you’re safe the entire time. Although you’re surrounded by walls, which some people are scared they’ll run into, you’re still able to see the perimeters, and other people in the room, through the VR glasses – they’ll just look like the fun characters they chose, like a giant lizard or robot, instead of your friends or family members.

There’s no age requirement, but guests must be 48 inches or taller to play, and any guest under 18 must be accompanied by a parent to sign a waiver form. You can make your  reservation for this unforgettable experience here!

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