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Join in on this free, family-friendly yoga class in the park every week

Join in on this free, family-friendly yoga class in the park every week


Yoga has always been something I imagined would solve all of my problems. Looking back at journals from high school, my old New Year’s resolutions repeatedly state: “DO MORE YOGA!”

I dabbled in and out of yoga classes, Yoga with Adrienne, and prenatal yoga, but it never truly stuck. When I saw that Lauren St. John was offering free outdoor park yoga for parents and kiddos (and everyone in between), I was ready to try it again.

Lauren St. John has a deep understanding of the importance of motherhood, the mind-body connection, and how incorporating a yoga practice into a relationship with your kids can be therapeutic for the both of you. After finishing her 200 hour yoga training, she used yoga in the park to get to know community members and neighbors. 

So on a sunny Saturday morning in the Kensington neighborhood park in Delaware, Lauren is ready for parents and kiddos to join her on the mat. With a welcoming energy and southern drawl, she puts the group at eas and you instantly feel comfortable with trusting her to be there for support wherever you or your kiddo are in your practice. 


With extra mats in tow in case you don’t have one of your own, calming music, and a quick cleansing of our space, we bring our practice.

Setting intentions, breathing in, I am happy; breathing out, I am healthy. We begin grounding and setting intentions for the session. There are multiple school-aged children on their mats. The older ones settle in, and I notice their comfort with the pace and movements. A little one wanders off to a playground within eyesight and plays closely while her mom can continue and keep a close eye.

Having this option is supremely helpful for those whose kiddos might get distracted halfway through and decide that they will be setting their own intentions for monkey bars and slides.

I find myself finally relaxing into the flow, and following Lauren feels like communing and learning with an old friend.

The class is about an hour long and goes through a great flow for beginner to intermediate yogi’s (Lauren makes it known that modifications are welcomed and encouraged if needed.) 

When we finally moved into Savansanya, I found myself already excited for the next time I could come. Knowing that this is here for me with kiddos welcome, or even just for me if a partner wants to let the kids play on the playground on a nice morning, is something I look forward to coming again and again all summer and beyond. 

Join this family-friendly, free yoga class every Saturday morning from 9am-10am at the Park at Kensington Place!

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