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614feast names his top five burgers in Columbus

614feast names his top five burgers in Columbus

Anthony O'Connell

Discover the best burgers in Columbus! From no-frills classics to towering creations loaded with toppings, there’s a burger in town for every craving. At the heart of a truly great burger? Premium ingredients and the perfect meat-to-bun ratio. Whether it’s a hearty pub-style burger, a classic cheeseburger, or a delectably crispy smash burger, I’m here to guide you through five of the most feast-worthy burgers the 614 has to offer.

Colo Butcher and Deli (59 Spruce St.)

Located in the North Market downtown, Colo Butcher and Deli serves up a fiery delight with their Spicy Burger. Featuring two Ohio Wagyu beef patties, gooey pepperjack, Tabasco aioli, pickled jalapeños, and onions on a perfectly toasted bun. I skip the lettuce to keep the focus on those deliciously crispy edges and rich flavors.

Club 185 (185 E Livingston Ave.

A cornerstone of the neighborhood since 1954, Club 185 dishes out a quintessentially perfect bar burger. Try the double 185 with cheese and don’t forget to add bacon. Simple yet iconic, it’s the real-life version of the burger emoji.

Ringside Café (19 N Pearl St.)

Since 1897, Ringside Café has been serving thick, pub-style burgers with a knockout taste. For the daring, the Buster Douglas features two 3/4 lb Angus patties, blue cheese, roasted garlic aioli, bacon, sharp cheddar, and coleslaw, alongside a double serving of house-cut fries. Or, keep it classic with the Jack Dempsey—a half-pound patty dressed with mayonnaise, mustard, and American cheese.  


Blackbird Kitchen (1200 W 3rd Ave.)

Hidden gem inside Woodlands Tavern, Blackbird Kitchen offers artisanal smash burgers that are simply delicious. Opt for the Flat Top Smash Burger—choose between a double or triple stack. Served on buttered brioche with house dill pickles, shaved onion, and melty American cheese, it’s a steal at just $6 on Wednesdays.

The Thurman Cafe (183 Thurman Ave.)

A beloved Columbus staple since 1942, The Thurman Cafe is famous for good reason. Their Thurman Burger is an impressive assembly of a 12-ounce burger topped with ham, sautéed onions, mushrooms, mozzarella, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, banana peppers, and mayo. Served with chips and a dill pickle spear.

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