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Boss Gal Beauty Bar

Kathy Keeney

Boss Brides

Boss Gal Beauty Bar is offering comprehensive, medical-grade beauty treatments geared toward your big day

You no doubt want to be the boss of your big day, and having another boss in your corner—Boss Gal Beauty Bar—is one way to make that happen.

The popular and locally-owned chain of boutique beauty bars (Boss Gal now operates four locations after opening just four years ago), now offers multiple bridal package deals that contain extensive–and personalized– care that starts months in advance and leads all the way up to the day before your wedding.

The top of Boss Gal packages is The Fairtytale, which contains nine months’ worth of beauty work for you before your big day. This deluxe package includes 3 BBL laser facials, 50u of Wrinkle Relaxer, 3 Microneedling sessions, 4 Deluxe HydraFacials and a ZO Skin Health Peel slotted for the week before your wedding to truly unlock your natural beauty.

Other packages include The Boss Bride, which provides four months of services, and The Shotgun (get it?), which is best for parties with limited time (two months) before their big day. If you do happen to have leftover services after a package, you can just as easily bank them for another day as well.

According to Boss Gal owner and registered nurse Kathy Keeney, each bridal package shines for its ability to swap certain services and provide customized care over a longer duration.

It’s really exciting when someone chooses us to be a part of their big day. We get to transform their skin, and we get to follow through with their care over a long period of time,” she said. “It doesn’t matter which package, everyone is really excited at the end.”

And while Boss Gal’s packages are ideal beauty regimens for brides-to-be, you don’t have to be walking down the aisle anytime soon to purchase one: They’re available to anyone, and the Boss Gal team will work with you to get you the best long-term care possible.

The treatment Boss Gal customers receive isn’t just personalized either: It’s medical quality.

“We’re not your typical spa, we’re medical,” Keeney said. “ These packages include medical services, like microneedling that’s performed by nurses.”

In fact, Keeney also serves as a national trainer for Allergan Medical Institute, for which she travels to practices across the country to teach medical providers how to skillfully and safely use cosmetic injectables. Boss Gal is also number one HydraFacial provider in Ohio and a top-ten retailer of ZO Skin Health in the country, meaning you’re quite literally in the best hands possible for many treatments at Boss Gal Beauty Bar.

In addition to top-quality products and professionals, Boss Gal also provides a uniquely social salon experience,one that’s lively and perfect for a larger group like a wedding party.

Brides-to-be and clothes who are interested can get started by booking a wedding consultation with one of Boss Gal’s senior skin bosses, in order to determine which package is best-suited for them.


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