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Wellness Flow

Sean Carroo

Drip, Drip, Drop

Wellness Flow brings the world of IV therapy to Columbus with new Short North hub offering unique mind and body treatments.

By: Jack McLaughlin

Photos by Aaron Massey


If you ask Sean Carroo, about his plans for Wellness Flow, the unique new Ohio-born IV therapy company that has recently put roots down locally, he’ll give a straight answer.


“We want to make medicine cool again,” is what you’re likely to hear.


Wellness Flow, which has opened a Columbus brick and mortar hub in the heart of the Short North after launching in Dayton only two years ago, is rapidly expanding throughout Ohio as a unique new approach to health and wellness, beauty and ever spots performance treatments.


And all of it starts with an IV line.


While Carroo and fellow Wellness Flow cofounder Paul Adongo first discovered IV therapies in the context of addiction and cancer treatments, Carroo noted they’re also used by top-level athletes to rehydrate quickly, approached as a hangover cure in some circles, and embraced as a way to look younger for longer in others.


Wellness Flow borrows from all of these arenas to create an eclectic and wide-reaching approach to IV therapy that’s just as impactful as it is new and exciting.


One of the cornerstone treatments at Wellness Flow is the concept’s Drip Bar, where patrons can select from a wide variety of different infusions–in which fluid and vitamins are delivered into the bodily intravenously, providing benefits that oral administration simply cannot–including the Hydration Drip, Detox Drip, Brain Fuel drip, and even a pair of speciality drips focused on athletic performance and prenatal care.


“A lot of people think IV therapy is only for elite-level athletes or celebrities, but that’s the case,” Carroo said.


This isn’t the only way Wellness Flow is making medicine cool again, either. The brand is doing so with a variety of other options, like aesthetic procedures like Botox and hydra facials, in addition to peptides and a variety of other lesser-known therapies.


These other options include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, where critical hormones your bodily replies upon daily–such as testosterone–are replaced by natural hormones that are biologically identical to those produced in the body. Similarly treatments that boost your body’s NAD+ supply–using dosages between 250-750mgs–streamline the chemical processes your body relies upon to generate energy at the chemical level. Increasing these can lead to more energy, enhanced brain function, faster cellular regeneration, a boosted metabolism and a reduction in bodily inflammation.


Now with its new Columbus hub, which is located at 15 Price Ave. in the Short North, Wellness Flow allows central Ohio patrons to book an appointment at their convenience. 


The fast-growing and Ohio-born brand also offers a “concierge” service, meaning Wellness Flow treatments will come to you, and can be undertaken from virtually anywhere. The company even offers event and large group rates for IV therapies, meaning a whole lot more people have a chance to get in on the ground floor of the Buckeye State’s coolest new therapies.


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