January 22-27, 2024

Submit menu by Dec. 20th 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurant Week is a special dining event in Columbus, in which select restaurants will prepare a three course
prix fixe menu ranging between $15-$50 depending on the particular restaurant. Your restaurant will have the
opportunity to welcome many new customers, many regulars and showcase your menu to them at a price point
not typically offered during the year. It is a fantastic way to encourage support of local restaurants, on a typically
slower time of the year for most restaurants of this caliber.

The next Restaurant Week will be held from Monday, January 22 – Saturday, January 27, 2024.

Restaurant Week is the city’s largest bi-annual dining event. More than 150 restaurants typically participate and more than 200,000 diners venture out to explore. Menus on our website received hundreds of thousands of views and many restaurants have their biggest days of the year during the event.

The event is a production of 614 Media Group – home to (614) Magazine, Stock & Barrel, 614now.com and a host of other popular events. It’s also supported by an incredible group of sponsors who help promote it. We put our collective marketing muscle to work ensuring that restaurants participants have maximum exposure and diners during these weeks.

Restaurant Week Columbus will be heavily promoted through (614) Magazine, 614now.com, and other news outlets.
In addition, the benefiting charity will promote the event through their extensive networks. Finally, several other
advertising buys (billboard, radio, online and social media) will be made in market to further expand our reach. With
all this city-wide media you can expect this event to receive a lot of attention so be ready!

On behalf of participating restaurants, sponsors, and diners, (614) will donate $.25 to the restaurant week charity
partner for every unique entry in the Restaurant Week grandprize giveaway, up to $5,000. There is no additional
cost to your restaurant or guests for this donation, but we do appreciate your help promoting the charity component
of Restaurant Week. Details on the beneficiary and entry will be available on our website.

Each restaurant is also required to provide four gift cards at their menu price point that we use to help market and promote this event. Participation fees vary based on how many restaurants you have and if you are a current client of 614 Media Group. It ranges from $495 – $990 per event.

It costs $495-$1,100 to participate. The fee goes toward making RWC a turn-key event for your restaurant. This includes: printing of a maximum of 300
menus, in-store poster displays, and buying the various media that will help make the event successful. However,
there will an increase in the price to participate should you not use the provided menus.

As part of the Restaurant Week package, we will handle the printing of your menus. Simply fill out the online menu form by the menu submission deadline and we will take care of the rest. There will be a price increase should you not use the menus that are provided. Many diners will be visiting several restaurants during the week. Allowing (614) Magazine to print your menus will keep them uniform, making it easier for your guests.

Please fill out the Menu Submission form no later than 12:00 PM December 20, 2023, and preferably sooner. Many diners begin planning their Restaurant Week excursions early and the sooner you get your menu submitted the better!

Your menu should consist of three courses; an appetizer or first course, a main course, and a
dessert. Some restaurants get creative with their three courses, but remember that Restaurant Week is new for many of your
guests, so keeping things simple is encouraged.

You will handle reservations as same as you normally do. If you use the OpenTable service, we can also link from
our website to your account. When customers call your restaurant, you can inform them of the event if they do not
already know.

We require four gift cards from each restaurant to support the promotion of Restaurant Week (this includes direct social and digital promotion for your brand). Gift cards should come in the same denomination as your restaurant’s menu price.             

Each restaurant is allowed to choose their own price, ranging from $15-$40 for the three course meal. However, the price on your menu must be set in increments of $15, $20, $25, $30, $35 or $40 and must have at least an average of 25% savings from regular menu pricing.

Value. Give customers a great menu offering at a compelling price. Many restaurants reduce the portions slightly to allow
them to make more compelling price offerings. For instance: serving a 6 oz. filet instead of an 8 oz. It is important to provide
diners at least 25% savings. Tip: Consider offering items you wouldn’t normally find on your menu as well as your signature dishes.

Absolutely, you can allow guests to order off of your regular menu at your regular prices.

In the past, Restaurant Week was a dine-in only event. Due to the restrictions on restaurant seating and safety concerns of
the pandemic, you may opt to offer your RWC menu for carryout. In fact, we recommend doing so. Remember, with to-go
alcohol sales now allowed, be sure to upsell these options when diners call to order or order online. Offering your menu for
carryout is totally optional, but prospective diners will be able to search our site for menus available for carryout, so that
should greatly help your sales volume during the week.

Alcohol, tax and gratuity are not included in the fixed price menu. Your menu will display this information as well. Some
restaurants choose to add recommended wine and drink pairings from our sponsors to the three-course menu and that is
welcomed. Traditionally we do not advise including alcohol in your price because families may bring underaged children.

Often times a restaurant sees the lower price point as lost revenue. This is not necessarily the case. In many circumstances,
the customers will happily purchase, for example, a more expensive bottle of wine than usual because of the perceived cost
savings on the meal. In addition, the three-course meal allows the kitchen to shorten up ticket times, and turn tables faster.
Restaurant Week should also allow for a simpler ordering process from your vendors leading up to the event, which can
reduce spoilage and waste. Many restaurant owners have found that Restaurant Week is one of their best weeks of the year.

Some restaurants want to know how many employees to staff for this event. You should safely expect your sales to increase
20-50% compared to a similar but non-event week. In addition, promote your participation in RWC at your restaurant way
ahead of time, and encourage your regulars to make reservations far in advance so they will not miss out. We have limited the
number of restaurants in this event to ensure that everyone will be extremely busy for the entire week. Obviously the sooner
your books fill up the better, and the easier staffing your restaurant will be.

Yes. Have fun! This is a great chance for your chef and staff to show off. You will have lots of new customers dining with the
hopes of turning them into repeat customers. Encourage your chefs to add some “wow” dishes that people will remember,
and want to come back (and pay full price) for. Consider RWC an “audition” for the many faces you will see.