614 Donut Trail: Destination Donuts

614 Donut Trail
Welcome, one and all, to the 614 Donut Trail. In the name of journalism and the great city of Columbus, we’ve taken on the honorable duty of chewing through the local donut scene. Each week, we’ll gorge ourselves on the best sweet rings Columbus has to offer and then report back to you with our powder sugar-covered findings. Because, after all, the wheels on this C-bus we’re all riding are actually donuts.

Destination Donuts

North Market, 59 Spruce Street Columbus

Cinnamon Roll: Sweet, authentic, plentiful cinnamon carved into the crevices of the swirling bread, topped with a yummy glaze and crunchy nuts. Hefty size and mouthwatering taste combo is oh-so satisfying.

Lemon Poppyseed Nibblers: A drier, more cakey inside with a zesty lemon exoskeleton, tied together with flavorful poppyseed. A sweet treat best enjoyed during a warm, sunny day (just be sure to check your teeth for those pesky black seeds afterwards).

Dueling Vanilla: Unbelievably doughy middle makes for a dense and satisfying bite. The vanilla glaze is very pleasant yet not overpowering. Your classic, but slightly upscale, glazed donut.

Editor’s pick!

Sorta Samoa’s: Another doughy base topped with rich chocolate frosting and a layer of shaved coconut. Chocolate flavor prevails overtop mild coconut flavor. Sweetness of caramel drizzle is the extra zip of sweet it needs!

Lemon Blueberry: Strong blueberry flavor cut by the fresh acidity of lemon. Great and nontraditional way to nab your sweet tooth.

Butterscotch & Smoked Sea Salt: Very savory, very smokey take on a donut. Butterscotch flavor presence but the smokey flavor is dominant. This surprising flavor is perfect for anyone overly sensitive to sweetness.


Cinnamon Toast: Course sugar and cinnamon topping reminiscent of the crunch of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Great contrast to the soft and chewy donut.

Sprinkle: The classic sprinkled donut fave dressed up for adults. The sprinkles are quite Instagram-worthy but do little to contribute to flavor. The real money is in the dark chocolate, semi-sweet lather of icing atop the sweet ring.

White Chocolate Raspberry: This warm, bright tasting beauty is rich as hell. Pace yourself on this puppy!





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