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These are the absolute Best Plant-Based burgers in town, according to 614 feast

These are the absolute Best Plant-Based burgers in town, according to 614 feast

Anthony O'Connell

Plant-based burgers are a great choice for those who don’t eat meat or are simply looking to mix things up. I love a well-crafted, house-made veggie burger; my favorites are made from TVP (textured vegetable protein), seitan (a protein-rich wheat gluten), or a hearty bean base. Not only are these options protein-packed, but the veggie burgers made right here in Columbus are seriously feast-worthy. Let’s explore the best local options.

SŌW Plated (1625 W. Lane Ave.)
Enjoy the vegan SŌW Burger: a vibrant green chickpea and pepper patty topped with curry aioli and a pickled cabbage-onion slaw, all on a seeded bun. It’s fresh, nutritious, and delicious— aligning perfectly with their focus on wellness and mindful eating.

Sow Plated - Upper Arlington Ohio Restaurant - HappyCow
Photo via HappyCow

Seitan’s Realm (3496 N. High St)
Hail Seitan! Try the Bacun Cheeze Burger, a devilishly good burger that features a house-made seitan patty with two pieces of bacun, chedduh cheeze, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and pickles on a brioche bun. This family-owned vegan deli crafts all their seitan and sauces from scratch daily—a true testament to homemade quality.

Seitan's Realm Central Clintonville, Columbus, United States Bacun Cheeze  Burger Review | abillion
Photo via ABillion

Zammy’s Vegan Kitchen (1155 Worthington Woods Blvd.)
The Zack Burger is a fiery vegan burger made from a house-made TVP patty, topped with Follow Your Heart pepper jack cheese, spinach, tomato, and smashed avocado, and drizzled with a creamy jalapeno sauce on a toasted brioche bun. It’s a spicy, 100% vegan delight!

The Zack | Zammy's Vegan Kitchen
Photo via Zammy’s Website


Arch City Tavern (862 N. High St.)
Whether your go to burger is beef, bison, or beans, Arch City Tavern has you covered. Their Spiced Bean Burger features a house-made walnut black bean patty with lettuce, tomato, sautéed onions, cheddar cheese, and a special sauce that’s bursting with flavor.

Photo via Arch City’s Website

Northstar Café (multiple locations)

Treat yourself to the Northstar Burger, a unique blend of organic black beans, brown rice, and beets, topped with white cheddar, kale, tomato, pickle, and onion. For a twist, substitute the cheddar with pimento cheese. It’s delicious as is but can also be made vegan by opting for no cheese.

Photo via Northstar’s Instagram

Craving more or think we missed a spot? Let us know in the comments— who has your go-to veggie burger?

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